7 eyewear trends that will be huge in summer 2021

Glasses are arguably the most prominent fashion accessory that can make or break your outfit. If you are able to land the perfect frame that makes a powerful fashion statement and at the same time goes with everything you wear, you are lucky.

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle to find these stylish frames anymore. We are here to tell you about the hottest eyewear styles that will keep you stylish this summer.

Even if your vision is just fine, you can wear these glasses to upgrade your look and summer grades. Find out which styles are worth buying this summer.

Oversized glasses – Face shields

Huge face shielding glass that actors and actresses used to wear in the 90s are back in style. No matter if you find them too bold, social media is filled with the bold look of these large bulky frames.

Lockdown has made people yearning to go out and try daring trends. Transition to these bold and style heavy fashion frames when you leave the comfort of your home. These powerful glasses in distinctive styles and attention-grabbing silhouette would make you look stunning in video calls.

Tortoiseshell glasses – Earthy tones

Tortoiseshell glasses are the most natural and sophisticated style of eyewear out there. With their earthy tones and multi-colour scheme, these glasses stood the test of time and are fashionable to this date as well.

Whether you are prepping up for a date night or going out with your friends on weekends, complete your look with this versatile accessory. Tortoiseshell frames are available in both men’s and women’s glasses and in all shapes or sizes.

Chunky square glasses – Fair & Square

Since half of your face is covered by a face mask, these chunky frames offer much room for style and fashion. Wear them when running errands or taking an evening stroll in the park.

Grab them in square silhouettes to get a retro flair to your glasses. The thick square frame will add structure to your round face while giving you a timeless fashion appeal. To add a wow-factor to these glasses, buy them in metallic accents so they appear better on screens than other simple and faded counterparts.

Transparent glasses – The see-through trend

Clear or transparent glasses are another trend that will turn heads this summer. The see-through frames are famous among the fans of subtle and simple fashion.

You can either get white transparent glasses or have a faint tint on the frame for a splash of colour. These frames are for the light mood and fun events. Since the frame is transparent and subtle, it won’t clash with your outfits and will go with anything you wear.

Wooden glasses

Who would have thought that we will someday have designer glasses in wooden frames too?

Well, this trend is performing well this year and people will embrace it even more during this summer. Since they are made out of pure wood, these frames don’t heat up in the sun and provide maximum comfort all day long.

If you don’t like people wearing the same frames as you, wooden glasses are the best thing to have. Even if they are made from similar wood, you’ll find no two pairs to be the same. They will have different textures and shade.

Invest in this eco-friendly glasses trend to refresh your wardrobe this summer. You will be doing your bit to the environment while looking every bit of chic and elegant.

Aviator glasses – The return of the pilot frames

Aviator has been a winning trend in sunglasses for years, maybe ever since they came into the picture. But, this summer is going to be all about people zeroing in on the aviator glasses trend.

As they have a universal shape, aviator eyeglasses flatter almost every profile. They are cool, laid back and boxy to give you that fun vibe when you are hanging out with your friends.

Aviator men’s glasses are available from thin metallic frames to chunky acetate. Women can take inspiration from Kendall Jenner to style their aviator glasses correctly this summer.

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye frames will be raging with more angles and edgy features in summer 2021. Also, you will have these glasses in a multitude of colour options to have a different pair for every outfit. Pair your dramatic cat-eye frames with badass style and make sure you wear the right attitude.

Summer 2021 is going to be all about making a bold fashion statement. If you are also looking for one such frame that will complement your badass look, these styles are at your disposal.

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