CoD: Vanguard Zombies Shi No Numa Main Easter Egg Guide

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Vanguard is now live with the Mercenaries of Fortune update, bringing the “enhanced” version of the Shi No Numa Zombies map from 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War. This map introduces Zombies’ traditional, round-based gameplay to Vanguard, and this new version of Shi No Numa comes with a brand-new storyline quest tied to Treyarch’s ongoing Dark Aether narrative. Here we walk you through completing this storyline Easter egg.

How to complete Shi No Numa’s main quest

Step 1: Build the Wonder Weapon

Completing Shi No Numa’s Easter requires you to use the map’s Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon. So, this first step is focusing on spending the first few rounds opening up the map to get perks and gather parts to build the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Make sure to skip down to Step 2, so you can be working on other steps while actively building the Wonder Weapon, especially since Step 2 is so easy to complete on round five.

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is located on a workbench in the hut labeled as Storage, but there are a few pieces needed to be found to build a working version of the Wonder Weapon. It’s worth noting that you can randomly get the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from the Mystery Box, but it won’t show up in the weapon pool until round 10. You’re better off just building it with the quest steps.

First, from your starting area in the upper-level of the Main Hut, pay 1,000 Essence points to open up the stairs leading down to the lower-level of the building. The next gate you should open is the gate leading from the hunt to the Doctor’s Quarters, so you’ll have the area you need unlocked for Step 2 in round five. After completing round five, you should have enough points to open up more of the map and continue building the Wonder Weapon. The next gate you’ll want to open is the one outside of the Main Hut by the giant Flogger trap. Pay 1,000 Essence points to unlock the pathway, and this will take you to Fishing Hut.

Fishing Hut Barrel part

At Fishing Hut, there is a Barrel part on a shelf inside the building. Just turn to your right when you enter the doorway. The part is highlighted in yellow, so it’s really easy to notice. Take this Barrel part to the northern end of the map. In the water just outside of the Comm Room is a green electrical box. Interact with the box to place this part. You’ll need to end the round here, so kill any remaining zombies to proceed.

The green electrical box for Comm Room Exterior can be seen in the distance here
The green electrical box for Comm Room Exterior can be seen in the distance here

A bolt of lightning will strike the box and start a defensive wave of zombies. Just survive the wave, and once it’s done, you’ll be able to grab a second part. Immediately head into the Comm Room to retrieve the charged Vacuum Tube part from the radio inside the room. You’ll also want to go back and grab the Barrel part you previously placed in the electrical box.

A third piece is an Electrical Fuse part, and you’ll find this piece sitting on a desk inside the office. Take this Electrical Fuse to the Storage hut. Inside of Storage is an electric trap that can be activated. Interact with the trap, which will cause the device to break, and it says you need a fuse to repair. Luckily, you already have it on hand. Interact with the trap a second time to place the Electrical Fuse part. Activate the repaired trap and start killing zombies with it. You’ll get a voice audio cue once you’ve killed enough zombies. This step was to charge a second Vacuum Tube part, which is sitting nearby on the Wonder Weapon workbench, so you don’t have to grab it. It’s where it needs to be.

For the last part, you’ll need the assistance of Vanguard’s Zaballa special masked enemy type, but she doesn’t start spawning until round 15. Once you reach round 15, lure a Zaballa to the Excavation Room, which is located on the lower level of the Main Hut. There is a large Tesla coil against the wall inside of the Excavation Room. Instead of trying to quickly kill Zaballa, you want to stand near the Tesla coil and let her attacks power the coil. This part can get dicey, so I recommend having decoys or monkey bombs to distract the zombies away from the coil.

Tesla coil in the Excavation Room
Tesla coil in the Excavation Room

You get an audio cue once the coil is charged, and then you can retrieve the final Vacuum Tube part, which is sitting on a table right next to the giant coil you just charged. Head back to the workbench inside Storage, and you can now craft yourself a Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon.

Step 2: Find the monolith, remove the vines

Monolith covered in vines outside of Doctor's Quarters
Monolith covered in vines outside of Doctor’s Quarters

Head to the Doctor’s Quarters Exterior to find a vine-covered monolith. You’ll need to kill Boom Schreiers, Vanguard’s explosive enemy type, next to the monoliths to remove all the vines. Boom Schreiers come in special waves, which are similar to the hellhound rounds on the original Shi No Numa map. This first time they’ll show up is round five, and this will be the easiest time to complete this step. If you miss the opportunity, future waves of Boom Schreiers will come in later rounds.

Step 3: Solve the cipher

Head into the Doctor’s Quarters building to find paper with some symbols that look like Kanji lettering on it. The paper only shows half the symbols. You’ll need a molotov cocktail or thermite to throw at the paper, as you need fire to reveal the full list of symbols. These items are dropped at random when killing zombies, so you might already have what you need. However, you can also craft the equipment at a crafting bench.

Full list of symbols needed, so you can bypass the Molotov step and use this pic if needed
Full list of symbols needed, so you can bypass the Molotov step and use this pic if needed

Cipher wheel part locations:

  • In the far right room inside the Doctor’s Quarters
  • On a table in the Dormitory, which is located in the lower-level of the Main Hut
  • On a table directly in front of the Pack-a-Punch machine at Dig Site

Next, take the three cipher pieces you just collected and place them on the monolith. A code will need to be entered here, and you’ll need a symbol for each wheel. To find the three symbols, you’ll need to locate three papers around the map that contain the Kanji symbols needed. You’ll want paper and pen to draw them or take screenshots.

NOTE: The symbols needed will change every game, so you’ll always need to do this step to solve the monolith cipher. However, the locations where you’ll find the paper with the symbols needed will always be the same.

Symbol locations:

  • On a table in the the Main Hut’s lower-level Excavation Room area
  • On a desk with radios inside Comm Room
  • On the crafting table at Dig Site
Symbol location in Excavation Room, remember your symbol might not be the same as image shown
Symbol location in Excavation Room, remember your symbol might not be the same as image shown

The symbol inside the Excavation Room might be hidden under some blank paper. Shot or melee the desk to uncover the symbol.

WARNING: To finish this step and move on, you’ll want to have the Wunderwaffe DG-2 ready to go. You’ll fail the next part of the quest if you continue without it.

Using the list of symbols you originally found at the Doctor’s Quarters, you’re going to get a new symbol to input into the monolith’s cipher. Take each of the three Kanji symbols you found, and find them on the list. Each one will have a second symbol to the right of it. You’ll use those three new symbols from the right for the cipher.

Input the three symbols by rotating each disc
Input the three symbols by rotating each disc

Input them into each of the top middle positions on the discs, which is done by rotating the cipher discs to align the three symbols from top to bottom into a vertical row.

Step 4: Lockdown with Wonder Weapon

Do this step as soon as possible, and make sure you upgrade your guns and have your perks. Make sure to check out our full Shi No Numa perk guide for locating each fountain. And again, the Wonder Weapon is required here.

Once the code is entered into the monolith, small stone pillars will glow red and can be interacted with all around the monolith. You’ll have one glowing for each person in the game. One for solo, two for duo, and so on. Each player must interact with their pillar at the same time to trigger a lockdown of the area.

All players in the match must activate a stone pillar
All players in the match must activate a stone pillar

A wave of zombies will attack you. Whether you’re attempting this solo or as a team, whoever has the Wonder Weapon must shoot the zombies surrounded by the blue haze. The blue highlighted zombies are faster and more aggressive, so any additional teammates can help by killing off the regular zombies and protecting the player with the Wunderwaffe DG-2. You also want to make sure these blue zombies are being killed close to the monolith, so I’d also suggest using decoys and/or monkey bombs to attract the zombies closer to the area.

This step can feel difficult, and it only gets harder as you progress in rounds. However, you can repeat this step during the next round if you fail it. Successfully completing it will give you a mini-cutscene.

Step 5: Get Flogger Juice and mirror pieces

Located across from Shi No Numa’s Flogger trap is an object that looks like a broken perk fountain. You’ll want to horde up some zombies and bait them into the active Flogger trap. Flogger kills will fill up this fountain with “Flogger Juice,” which you’ll then drink to get special vision.

Flogger juice will fill this fountain
Flogger juice will fill this fountain

Using the enhanced vision from the juice, you’ll want to quickly run around the map to search for two pieces of a mirror. These can be floating in or around any of the buildings on the map. They’re pretty noticeable floating in the air with an aqua colored glow around it. You may also find a red orb. Finding one of these orbs will lead you to a mirror piece.

If you run out of time and the vision disappears, you can always repeat this step as needed. You just have to kill more zombies with the Flogger to refill the fountain with juice.

Step 6: Charging podiums and shooting orbs

Take the two mirror pieces you collected to Dig Site. Here you will interact with the podium at the center of the site to place the fragments. Glowing orbs will appear after interacting with the podium. You’ll get an orb for each player in the match. So, you’ll only see one orb in solo, but I had two orbs for a duo match.

Podium at Dig Site
Podium at Dig Site

Each player must approach and interact with an orb at the same time. Then, the orbs will float up and fly away. Each player must chase down and shoot their orb three times, and the orb will move after each shot. Just shoot, follow, and repeat until you’ve done this three times. If you fail this step, you’ll need to wait and try again the following round.

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be interacting with the podium at Dig Site again, but this time it will trigger the boss fight.

Make sure to have your perks. This isn’t an incredibly difficult boss fight, but you’ll at least want to Pack-a-Punch the Wonder Weapon once to get the extra ammo count and increased damage. For a non-Wonder Weapon, the Einhorn shotgun is still the best overall weapon in Zombies.

Step 7: Boss fight

Shi No Numa’s boss fight is played out in three rounds. The boss will be immune when they appear at the start of the fight. The first round of the boss fight works similarly to the lockdown on Step 4, where you’ll need to shoot the blue zombies with the Wonder Weapon, but here you’ll want to shoot the blue zombies near the podium.

One you’ve done this step, a blue bubble will engulf the area. You’ll want the boss inside of this area, making her vulnerable to your attacks. Shoot her until she goes immune again for round two.

Round two works much like round one, except the blue enemies you need to shoot by the podium with the Wonder Weapon will be Boom Schreiers. Once the step is done, the blue bubble will engulf the area again, and you can damage the boss. Rinse and repeat for the third and final round, which will feature Vanguard’s heavy, mini-gun wielding enemy type as the blue zombies you need to kill with the Wonder Weapon. Finish draining the boss of her health, and you’ll complete the main storyline Easter egg for Shi No Numa. You’ll get a cutscene and a calling card reward.

Make sure to also check out our general guide for surviving on Shi No Numa. If you need to catch up on the full story for Vanguard Zombies, we have a narrative prologue guide for Der Anfang, and a main storyline Easter egg guide for Terra Maledicta.

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