FA Cup final: Did Chelsea deserve to win?

After Frank Lampard’s overrated season at Stamford Bridge, many would expect Tuchel to go through hard times before finding the right momentum. Fortunately for the Blues, this was not the case, and the German manager has catapulted them back into playing quality games — like the Chelsea we all know. They have had an astonishing season at the Premier League 2020/21 and are likely to bag a top-four position. And despite their impressive performance in the FA Cup final yesterday, Tuchel had to see his team lose his first FA Cup.

On the other hand, Brendan Rodgers celebrated a proud historic moment for Leicester as this was their first appearance in a FA Cup final in 52 years. According to Sportingbet, The Irishman has made an average of 24 appearances in the FA Cup in the last 20 years, and it was theirs to win it this season. Thanks to Youri Tielemans’ strike in the second half, Leicester City were able to take the lead and maintain it until the end. However, there is much controversy surrounding the events of the game.

Many believe Chelsea’s performance was close to perfection, and they could not have done more in an attempt to win the game. With that being said, Tuchel also believed his side deserved to win the final and was left critical of VAR when it supposedly failed to detect a handball. As Ayoze Perez cut out Reece James’ pass to allow Tielemans to deliver his brilliant shot, the ball seemed to deflect off of Perez’s leg onto his arm.

VAR also denied Ben Chilwell’s desperate last attempt equaliser shortly after — the cherry on top for Chelsea and Tuchel. Although the German manager admitted to not witnessing the actual handball himself, he does mention that many players claimed it was so.

“The players said straight away it was a handball,” said the German.

“So, now for the second game in a row there was a handball against us, and VAR is not interfering.

“Against Arsenal, there was one on the line, and again today, and they are very decisive.

“I’m not an expert in handball anymore. I don’t know when it’s handball or not.

“We were unlucky today. But there’s never any guarantee you’ll end up with a trophy.

“I think we would have deserved to win, but we have to accept defeat.”

With Chelsea’s superb performance, Tuchel was proud and expected to win but claimed luck played a huge factor in the final. They lacked the little details required to win, despite their excellent defending and aggressive offence, and it seems Tuchel was satisfied and refused to criticise his ranks. Instead, he looks forward to the upcoming matches and securing a place in the top-four race. Chelsea and Leicester City will meet again on Tuesday in the Premier League, and perhaps that is where the Blues will take their revenge.

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