5 Of The Craziest Celebrity Dining Receipts

In many ways celebrities are not like us normal people. For instance, when it comes to their dining bills, it can vary a lot from what an average person spends on his/her food. Whether it is something as delicious as Spanish chicken paella or some drinks, celebrities have different tastes and different spending powers. Not only this, many celebrities also do not mind leaving behind a generous tip, which can bring a smile on their server’s faces.


Nando’s, an casual dining chain well known in the U.K. has gained notoriety for serving scrumptious Portuguese style peri-peri chicken, and all the more significantly, Beyoncé is a fan. In the wake of performing at the V Music Festival in England, Beyoncé needed to treat her show group to some Nando’s chicken. Her group requested a huge request of 48 entire chickens, 24 tubs of coleslaw, 58 chicken wing platters and 48 bits of chips. The artist made the request under her name “Beyoncé K. Beyonce’s lavish request normally roused moment, short of breath jabber via web-based media. Her receipt demonstrates that she paid the full £1,444.10 in real money. There are huge chances that the delivery fellow got an awesome tip too. Beyoncé is not the only big name who is Nando’s fan, as Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, and Drake are all huge fans of Nando’s chicken.

Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy celebrated New Year with great deeds. The couple left a liberal tip of $2,020 in the wake of eating at an IHOP in St. Charles, Illinois.He added a note for the receipt, noticing that it was important for the 2020 Tip Challenge. The bill additionally had hand written expressions in addition to a smiley face. The happy waitstaff put the receipt with the liberal tip all over online media. Later Wahlberg’s wife, entertainer and creator Jenny McCarthy, shared an image of their receipt on Twitter to urge different benefactors to show preemptive kindness, too.Wahlberg’s nice thought got acclaim from individuals on Twitter, commenting how “wonderful” the tip was. The tweet got many kind reactions as fans said thanks to the star for his nice thought.

Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs has taken his team towards various victories. One can’t envision any other individual in charge of the staggeringly fruitful basketball team. It’s notable that Spurs mentor Gregg Popovich loves wine, and he likewise prefers tipping generously. Gregg Popovich evidently tipped $5,000 on a $800 note at McEwen’s in Memphis. The café’s proprietor affirmed that Popovich has eaten there previously, yet didn’t eliminate any confusion. Popovich hasn’t remarked on the spilled receipt; however he is known to eat at McEwan’s consistently. They likely served him a totally heavenly wine. Popovich might be a basketball mentor, yet his enthusiasm is wine sampling is known to be an incredible epicurean – acquainting him with another assortment would make him pretty thankful toward his workers. However, the server does not seem very lucky as he will now have to pay taxes according to the tip, which would be difficult for them.

Andy Murray

After Murray won the US Open, he and his group of 29 toasted his notable win at Chinese eatery Hakkasan in New York City. The genuine bill would have come to about $6,448 in addition to assessment and tip, however the tasting menus and beverages for the table were given on the house. The gathering paid the $1,289.60 tip. Furthermore, the tennis star Andy didn’t drink a drop of liquor and just drank a $6 lemon pop — the least expensive thing on the menu! Maybe five hours on court, adrenaline, overpowering stun and help, and media visits the next morning kept Murray from completely acknowledging and praising his success immediately. Supper followed for the gathering which was valued at $168 a plate. For a champion who won millions in prize money, this bill was not too much.

Leo Messi

At the point when Lionel Messi, his life partner, and a few other soccer players went through an end of the week in Ibiza, he posted Instagram photographs of the gathering appreciating time at the Club Restaurant Cabaret. A couple of moments after the gathering photograph went up, a server at the club posted a picture of what he guaranteed was Messi’s £37,000 drinks receipt. Did three expert competitors and their WAGs drink five figures worth of liquor in one evening? Messi tweeted the following day that the bill wasn’t his, yet by then the picture had turned into a web sensation. Soccer fans could hardly imagine how one of their #1 game stars could blow that much cash at a bar. They could hardly imagine how he was coming clean about the bill not being his, by the same token. Who else in Ibiza even has that much cash?

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