Four Incredible Gaming Voices That You May Have Forgotten


While incredible graphics generally get the most attention out of gamers, a game’s sound is just as important in establishing a great atmosphere conducive to gaming. Though lots of games come with excellent voice-over acting, it is rare for these actors to get much recognition for their work. 

Guest author Michelle Thomas looks to give due recognition to the voices behind some of the most popular games in the industry. She looks at four of the video game industry’s best voice actors, whose work made their games so much appealing. Find out more about Michelle Thomas.

1. Michael Kevin Miller, from Sly

The Sly series of games were extremely popular between 2002 and 2005. The protagonist of the series was Sly Cooper, a racoon from a family of prodigious thieves.


Michael Kevin Miller voiced Sly Cooper to the hilt and supplied the racoon’s signature wit with an easygoing charm that any true bandit requires. Sly Cooper was “the good guy”, but he was also complex. Miller imbues his Sly Cooper voice with all these qualities, expressing the racoon’s arrogance, idealism, and, naturally his slyness. 

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2. Mike Patton, from The Darkness

The Darkness is a series of games that draws its inspiration from an old Top Cow comic, also called The Darkness. The titular character is a demonic entity that has aligned itself with the Estacado family bloodline. The youngest Estacado family member, Jackie, serves as the current host for The Darkness, and wields incredible powers from it.


The Darkness is more than just a demon or a symbiote character like Marvel’s Venom and Carnage character.

Instead, The Darkness has a distinct personality and voice, serving as a sort of guardian angel for Jackie. While The Darkness’ self-interest prevents it from encouraging actions that endanger his host’s body, it is, at its core, an agent of chaos, and does not care about Jackie’s well-being if it is in the way of something that it wants.

Mike Patton is the voice of The Darkness in the games, and it is hard not to feel the hairs on the back of your need rise up whenever he speaks.


Blending a psychotic edge with wanton cruelty, Patton’s The Darkness voice is creepy even when it tries to sound benign, which is exactly the kind of quality you want for the voice of an ancient evil. 

3. Ross Hagen, from Red Dead Redemption

One of Red Dead Redemption’s most famous characters is the near-mythic gunslinger Landon Ricketts, who takes the game’s protagonist John Marston under his wing. 

Ricketts is a celebrity in the Red Dead Redemption world, and Ross Hagen, who voices the character, expresses the legendary gunslinger’s world-weariness perfectly. 


Ricketts was undoubtedly a serious badass during his time, but during the meat of the action in Red Dead Redemption, he is a tired old man who simply wanted to be left alone.

Hagen’s voice work for Ricketts lays bare a lot of these qualities, and it is hard not to feel some sympathy for such a broken-down man, no matter how brutal he was during his heyday.

4. Lori Alan, from Metal Gear Solid 3

The Boss, Metal Gear Solid 3’s big bad villain, starts out as a generic authority-figure type to Solid Snake, the main character of the Metal Gear Solid games. This is up-ended in the prologue to Metal Gear Solid 3, where The Boss betrays Solid Snake and defects to the Soviet Union. 


Later, The Boss is revealed to have defected not out of treachery, but to protect the United States—even if that meant being branded as a traitor.

Lori Alan’s work voicing The Boss exposes a lot of the contradictions she faces while trying to do the right thing for her country. Alan really helps sell how commanding The Boss is with a voice that could be intimidating one moment and caring the next. 


We know that the majority of video gamers don’t really take the time to think about voiceovers and the people that are behind the characters. However, we also know that when we take sufficient time to highlight the voices behind some of the most famous characters in popular video games, a lot of gamers will pause a moment to read and pay tribute to those individuals that have helped make these video games a massive success. 


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