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How To Fix High CPU Usage In Windows 10

We all expect our Windows 10 PC to work smoothly every time we start it. However, not all of us are so lucky and many times we find ourselves in an unexpected situation where there is a slowdown or noisy running fans. When we check the CPU usage, sadly it says it has reached up to 100% usage.

The CPU which is the Common Processing Unit is considered as the brain and hence should always be kept in the best of its shape. However, many times it does not perform to its full potential and hence we all should know how to fix high CPU usage for Windows 10.

While 100% CPU Usage in Windows 10 is a common problem, various workarounds can save you from this error. Let’s discuss them one by one:


Best 7 Ways To Fix High CPU Usage In Windows 10


Below are the common solutions to high CPU usage in Windows 10:

1. Reboot Your Windows 10 PC:

This is one of the easiest and most common solutions. Many times when the PC has been running for a long time, the temporary files and the applications start eating up unwanted memory. In such cases, simply Restart the PC to remove the temp files and improve the performance of your PC.

2. Use Task Manager To End or Restart Processes:

Task Manager is the easiest means to track all the processes running on a Windows 10 PC and hope for the resources they are using. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open the Task Manager. Here you can see all the processes running and how much memory they are using. If a particular process is still consuming high CPU usage in Windows 10 even after restarting your PC, a good way is to either end the process to restart it.

From the Task Manager navigate to Processes > CPU > check for the processes consuming high CPU usage. Right-click on them and finally click on End Process.

3. Updating Faulty or Incompatible Drivers:

Drivers are an integral part of a Windows 10 operating system and the functioning of hardware and OS relies on them. However, since nothing is perfect, even drivers face incompatibility issues and are prone to bugs. This may lead to 100% CPU usage in Windows 10.

In order to overcome this situation, we should regularly update the driver by either updating the Windows Operating System updates or update the incompatible drivers via the device manager.

4. Infections On Your Windows 10 PC:

If you have already tried your hands on all the above-mentioned methods, and still cannot fix high CPU usage in Windows 10, the next step is to check your PC for any malware/spyware infections. Malware is an infection that can easily disguise itself as a genuine process. If we check the Task Manager we will not even find any abnormal process running, since malware is known to run under processes that appear to be normal.

A good way to get rid of such malware infections is to make us an anti-malware/spyware program like Systweak Antivirus and scan your Windows 10 PC for malware infections. These infections when removed release the high CPU usage on Windows 10 and leaves it performing smoothly.

5. Change the Power Option:

Power Options define the speed of the CPU and one can change the Power Option to fix high CPU usage in Windows 10. To change the Power Option, follow the steps below:

While learning to know how to fix high CPU usage windows 10, most of the time the above solutions will help and you will have a smooth performing Windows 10 PC. However, if you still face performance issues, the next step you can choose is to Reinstall Windows.

6. Remove Unwanted Applications:

We install ample applications on our PC’s without knowing how much resources they take. Many of these applications run in the background and take substantial memory.

As a result, the PC starts to perform poorly and behave abnormally. Removing unwanted applications will help you save memory and help you have a better performance.

7. Restore or Reinstall Windows:

Windows PC creates System Restore points which can be rolled back in unforeseen situations. If even after trying all the above solutions, you cannot resolve the problem of 100% CPU usage in Windows 10 you can choose to restore your PC to a point where it was working correctly.

System Restore will roll back the System without touching the data and files.

Also, if none of the System Restore points is working, the last resort left for you is to Reinstall the entire Windows 10 system.

The CPU is any computer’s brain and if clogged up with useless and unwanted stuff, it will cease to work. Read the article on how to fix high CPU usage, and have a better performing device.

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