“It’s not really my cup of tea” – Big E on the recent social media exchanges between WWE and AEW talents

WWE Champion Big E doesn’t want to get involved in social media back and forth with the stars of All Elite Wrestling.

Big E was the most recent guest on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox to discuss all things WWE. When talking about AEW and the back and forth exchanges on social media between wrestlers from both companies, the WWE Champion revealed he’s a fan of AEW and doesn’t want to get involved in the online banter.

“So man, if that’s how you feel, do your thing. I’m all for it,” Big E said. “I’ll just speak for me. I am a fan. I think competition makes everyone better. I have friends over there. I have people who I think are incredibly talented that might not be friends, but I’m a fan of so much going on over there. And yeah, so I know the fans love the sniping. They love the back and forth. I think it’s often entertaining too [but] it’s not really my cup of tea.”

Big E thinks opening the Forbidden Door between AEW and WWE would be incredible

While Big E may not be a fan of the social media battles between stars, the WWE Champion did say he would love to see the Forbidden Door opened between both companies.

“Just because I said there’s so many people that I root for over there,” Big E continued. “And I think competition is great for everyone all around, and I’m glad the fans are engaged. It’s not my thing. But people love pot stirring and it’s interesting, the idea of — I don’t know if it’s ever feasible but you know, just like, is that forbidden door gonna be open here between us and them? Like, imagine that? That would be incredible. I think that would be really interesting.”

What do you make of Big E’s comments? Would you like to see the Forbidden Door open between AEW and WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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