Presentation Apps for Students That Are Not PowerPoint or Keynote


Today we want to share with you the best services for the quick creation of bright WOW presentations. With them, you will be able to present information effectively and in a structured way and make sure that no listener will be bored.

Time and time again, when people search for “best presentation program”, – it’s always either PowerPoint or Keynote. However, we thought: let’s destroy this world of similar and boring PP templates, horrible slides, and “dry” presentation content. So, as a substitute, we found these 5 awesome presentation apps that make creating presentations a breeze – a very much appreciated factor for many students.

1. Prezi

This fashionable in Europe cloud service for creating interactive presentations online has already fallen in love with our customers. It offers many interesting solutions for visualizing content through the use of media files, vectors, and other graphics. In addition, here, you will be offered a variety of blanks, styles, and templates that will beautify your content and add liveliness to the presentation.


Feature of service – slide transitions and system of scaling (approach, turn, and removal of separate objects). Just a few minutes and the presentation with a stylish design is ready. Just like another popular student service –, Prezi emphasizes simplicity in usage.

Among the advantages of Prezi is collaborating on the project with multiple users, publishing the finished presentation on a blog or website, and saving the presentation for offline display without using the Internet. In addition, there is a free trial period for a month.

2. Haiku Deck

Connoisseurs of minimalism here! Haiku Deck is the most simplified resource for quickly creating colorful presentations. As for the interface and usability, the service is built perfectly – you will not have a single extra minute to get acquainted with it. Instead, you start the editor and immediately start pasting your titles, images, and texts on the slides. No problem! Users who are used to making PowerPoint presentations are completely relieved when they launch Haiku Deck.


With its help, it is very easy to design slides for online presentations. The main concept is the style of minimalism (minimum information on the slide). You can’t use complex graphics, music, or videos here. The service allows you to create presentations in the “picture + text” format, which is often enough for tutors and leading online events.

For all its simplicity and limited capabilities, the free version of Haiku Deck provides all the necessary features, including a choice of design themes, background images, quality templates, different types of headings, text insertion, graphs, and charts.

3. SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a multifunctional online platform for creating “rich” and dynamic presentations, which, as in PowerPoint, is based on a slide system. But! Here the slides are more comfortable, brighter, and more diverse. In addition, it is possible to use audio, video, flash, and interactive special effects. This is the most expensive service in our selection: a full professional package price is $ 360 per year. Free account opportunities are limited.


A paid subscription allows you to use many interesting features: storing presentations and files online, flash animation, collaboration with version control, publishing, demonstration through a web conference, analysis of results.

In terms of convenience, working with the service is quite simple, but the interface of the program is very rich, and you have to spend some time exploring all the functionality and capabilities.

4. SlideDog

SlideDog is a popular service for creating presentations, which stands out against the general background by supporting a wide range of formats. This is not the pure presentation editor we’re used to in PowerPoint or Keynote. Instead, the service is based on combining visual components into a playlist – here; you can simultaneously use videos, images, PowerPoint slides, web pages, PDF files, and other content.


You can even add videos from YouTube. Just arrange everything in the required sequence and save it as a complete presentation. This way, you no longer have to switch between individual files and programs. Again, there is a free version. Although SlideDog delivers awesome presentation-creating functionality, you might still experience trouble with writing the notes. In that case, it might be a great idea to get a professional essay writer to help you with this aspect.

SlideDog has a simple, stylish, and user-friendly interface. The main advantage of the service is the ability to interact with users during the presentation. The online exchange function allows you to connect about 100 listeners at a time. The audience can also comment on the process and leave feedback. In general, it is a very useful resource for all speakers, tutors, and presenters, with which you can create juicy, informative, and original presentations for webinars, online conferences, workshops, etc.


5. Slides

We conclude our review with another very powerful and relatively new online editor for creating and demonstrating presentations of any level of complexity. If you plan to present the project in a browser, you can use the Slides service to change the HTML markup and make adjustments to CSS. Importantly, you can export slides in any convenient format, and the presentation can be performed on a computer or mobile device.

The interface of the editor, of course, is puzzling and has not yet been perfected in a set of basic tools, but the functionality, in general, is very interesting. What is the nonlinear design of slides worth! Slides provide a free promo version where basic features are available. The cost of a full-fledged product – from $ 6 per month.

To Sum Up

We’re confident that the services presented in our small overview will help you create interesting interactive presentations that will enliven the lecture or academic event you will be presenting on. Of course, visuals are one thing, but you also have to make the content engaging. In addition, there are numerous other services that can assist you in creating an impactful presentation.



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