Why Laptops Are Overheated: 5 Main Reasons

One of the most common problems associated with laptops is their overheating. As a result, you cannot even enter PlayAmo or Facebook due to this problem. Here are the key options and figure out why a laptop gets too hot.


The laptop body is not a monolithic construction, and it is inevitable that dust gets inside through the holes. At some point it may accumulate so much that it will block the ventilation and begin to interfere with the normal operation of the cooling system. If your laptop begins to overheat, or even shuts down by itself after a few hours of work, it is likely that it is time to unscrew the case, turn on the vacuum cleaner and do a general cleaning. 

Heavy Load

The very design of modern laptops is far from perfect. The manufacturer chases after compactness, for which he has to inevitably sacrifice the efficiency of cooling. This is most evident in powerful configurations, where the processors and graphics cards with high heat-package need to remove a lot of heat at peak load.

In other words, it is normal for many notebook models to get very hot. That’s how they are designed. And no matter what coolers are inside, their efficiency will not be enough if you are running top games or rendering videos. The problem can be solved by purchasing additional cooling in the form of a special stand.

It’s Time to Upgrade the Thermal Paste

For better heat dissipation from the processor, apply thermal paste or put thermal pads. And both eventually hardens and ceases to perform its direct task, due to which the laptop begins to overheat. The problem is solved by disassembling the laptop and applying a new thermal paste. It is not the most complex operation, which you can perform on the YouTube video, but if you are not a techie, it is better to take a notebook to the service.

Cooler Failure

A possible cause of overheating can be a broken cooler – you can easily identify his failure, if the laptop suddenly starts to warm up inadequately and work completely silently. In rare cases, the motherboard may glitch and lead to overheating. To figure out the problem, you will most likely have to visit a specialized service center.

Miners and Malware

Laptops can overheat from excessive load. But it is not only computer games that can create it. Hackers make a living by planting so-called miners. These are programs for mining cryptocurrency. 

The miner is running in the background and is not displayed among the running programs, but it is difficult not to notice it, because the malware is pulling on most of the system resources, which begins terribly slow. If you have the slightest suspicion that your notebook is infected with malware, you should install a good antivirus and scan the system. And if it finds nothing, and overheating and brakes continue, it makes sense to reinstall the system from scratch.

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