3 Staycation Ideas To Try This Summer In The UK


Staycations are on the rise. In part, this is because of the economy. For instance, according to a 2019 CNBC article, in 2017, Americans gave up 212 million vacation days.  In other words, the modern workforce has turned the week-long vacation into a long weekend, and three days isn’t enough time to travel far distances.

That said, this only begins to explain the shift we’ve seen in the traditional vacation. The way people relax has been changing for years. Rather than focusing on quantity, individuals are starting to focus on quality again — and we don’t mean staying in five-star hotels. People want to stay close to home and spend quality time with their friends and family, hence the resurrection of the staycation.

What Is A Staycation?

A staycation is a term that describes having a vacation in your home country. The trend became mainstream in 2014: Google found search volumes for ‘staycation’ were up 10% year-over-year. What’s nice is that staycation is a broad term, which means you can go camping, stay in a hotel, or stay within the four walls of your home. As such, we’ve compiled a few staycation ideas to try this summer if you live in the United Kingdom.

3 Staycation Ideas To Try

Explore Neighbouring Countries

The UK is in a unique position, with countries bordering one another. In fact, if any country was made for staycations, it’s the UK. Those individuals whose goal of their staycation is to get away from everyday life without the hassle of getting on an aeroplane, why not explore a neighbouring country?

For instance, if you live in England, you can drive to Scotland. From there, you can explore the Highlands and stay in accommodation like the Ballifeary Guest House. This property is within walking distance from the River Ness (Spotting Nessie is better than lying at the pool in Ibiza, right?).

Do Minor Renovations At Home

Perhaps you want to spend your vacation at home, and why not? As a prospective buyer, you spend all that time reading the advice of mortgage brokers like Trussle, who suggest everything from a mortgage in principle to calculating your stamp duty, and then when you do purchase your home, you decide to vacation somewhere else. Well, that’s a thing of the past. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you can have during a “renovation staycation.” After all, one of the benefits of owning your own home, aside from security and finance, is having the freedom to make renovations without having to ask for permission first.

We’re not talking about major renovations. It could be rearranging your furniture, painting your living room walls a new colour, or turning your bedroom into a relaxing retreat by adding inexpensive touches like indoor wall fountains or brick peel and stick wallpaper.

Be A Tourist In Your Own City

The UK has dozens of museums and libraries that many take for granted. A staycation is a perfect opportunity to tour historic areas in your city. If you’re from London, look into why it’s called The Big Smoke. For Swansea, check out why your city is called Copperopolis. There’s always a story people don’t know, so make a day of it and get learning.

The world is changing, and as it does, people’s priorities change with it. Many now value staying close to home and spending quality time with their loved ones — what better way to do that than taking a staycation?

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