5 Pieces To Add to Your Comfortable Summer Wardrobe


After a long, cold winter, there’s nothing better than stripping away the layers of wool and leather in favor of garments that let your skin soak in a generous helping of fresh air and sunshine. 

You can transform your summer wardrobe with these comfortable staple pieces that are anything but basic. 

Comfy tank top

In theory, spending the day enjoying the sunshine sounds excellent until you’re halfway through a walk around the botanical garden only to realize your bra is causing severe discomfort.

A tank top with built-in bra eliminates the undergarment struggle by providing a smooth, seamless silhouette and supportive fit without slipping straps or suffocating underwires. These tank tops also nix the need for strapless bras, letting you rock a racerback without the awkward adjustments when your bandeau strap inevitably falls prey to overstretching. 

Breezy sundress

If you’ve ever been stuck in a too-tight pair of jeans while traveling, you understand the importance of figure-flattering garments that keep you comfortable regardless of your surroundings. 

A fit-and-flare sundress is an excellent solution, as it emphasizes your curves while keeping your legs free from the shackles of tight skinnies. Better yet, you can skip out on the worst part of dresses– chafing– by slipping on a pair of bike shorts underneath and letting your legs bask in their newly found freedom. 

Wrap skirt

Wrap skirts bring versatility and vibrancy to your summer wardrobe with various lengths, patterns, and color palettes. These summer-ready separates keep you far cooler than a pair of heavyweight jeans and make the perfect canvas for showing off your favorite statement tops with their subtle glamour. 

These pair beautifully with everything from a neutral body suit to off-the-shoulder lacy blouses, making them a staple for jet-setters and stay-cationers alike. 

Linen shorts

Denim cut-offs are the quintessential bottoms of summertime, but they can’t compare to the loungewear levels of comfort offered by a pair of linen shorts

The breathable cotton-blend construction wicks sweat away, and they come in an entire rainbow of hues that you can mix and match for flawless color coordination. They’re also perfect for slipping on over your swimsuit, unlike the slow-drying bulk of jean shorts. 

Supportive sandals

Summertime tends to awaken an inner sense of adventure, leading to impromptu treks exploring unknown destinations. The last thing you want when spontaneity strikes is to be held back by your footwear. 

Invest in a few pairs of ultra-comfy sandals that you wouldn’t mind spending the whole day in, with features like arch support, memory foam footbeds, and adjustable straps for the perfect fit. 

If you’re looking for extra height, skip the strappy stilettos and opt for platforms. They give you a lift without the throbbing and aching at the end of the day. 

Before you go

Don’t let your wardrobe stop you from enjoying every ounce of joy summertime has to offer. Make comfort the priority with supportive silhouettes, lightweight fabrics, and non-restrictive cuts that keep you cool and breezy on even the steamiest days.

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