Facial skin care and cosmetic procedures are no longer considered the prerogative of women. Men also want to keep their outer and inner youth. Moreover, grooming is one of the signs of a man’s wealth and success.

Skin aging in men occurs later than in women. This is due to the difference in hormonal levels and a higher content of collagen (by 25-30%) and melanin. At the same time, men have more active work of the sebaceous and sweat glands. All this affects the features of facial skin care in men.

To keep the skin tone even, without oily sheen, men need to regularly deep cleanse and use after-shave healing products, because regular shaving injures the skin.

Home skin care

Skin rejuvenation for men should be done with home care products in combination with beauty treatments. With home care:

  • Cleanse the skin regularly with special products. Among the required care products: washing gel, toner and cream. Many men use alcohol-based aftershave lotions. These lotions dry out the skin by disrupting its structure. When choosing an after-shave cosmetic, it is important to pay attention that it does not contain alcohol. It is better to use a moisturizer after shaving and washing. The choice of cosmetics for men is much less than for women. You can use women’s care products, but it is better to choose those that are designed for combination and oily skin. Cosmetics are recommended to choose one line and it is better to consult a good beautician. Proper care helps nourish and moisturize the skin and avoid oily sheen and breakouts.
  • Water balance. The daily norm is considered to be 2 litters of water, or at least 1.5 litters per day. Juices, tea and coffee do not count. Water nourishes skin cells and prolongs youth. If you add lemon juice with mint to the water, then toxins will be more actively removed from the body, metabolism and the immune background will improve.
  • Quitting bad habits such as excessive alcohol and smoking. Within a month, men’s facial skin will acquire a lighter and healthier look, the puffiness will go away.

To rejuvenate the skin of the face

For men, as well as for women, to rejuvenate the skin of the face, it is recommended to do moisturizing and nourishing masks. At home, a parsley mask is well suited for oily skin. Grind 40-50 g of greens. Pour in a glass of milk and bring to a boil. After the mask has cooled, strain and apply to the face. Effect: smoothing wrinkles, reducing skin oiliness with the help of natural skin care products.

An oatmeal mask recommended tightening the pores. Pour 2 tbsp. l. rolled oats with boiling water and cover for 20 minutes. Strain and apply for half an hour.

A cucumber, almond oil and yolk mask will help get rid of wrinkles. Grate the cucumber, add butter and yolk and beat. Hold the mask well for 40 minutes.

Use a banana, yogurt, honey mask to nourish the skin. Stir the ingredients and apply on face for 10 minutes.

Cosmetologically procedures for rejuvenating the male face

When the first age-related changes appear for men, in addition to home care, it is necessary to resort to the services of professional cosmetologists. Recommended facial rejuvenation procedures for men:

  1. Filler injections. Indications: the creation of missing volumes, tissue prolapse The drug has a triple effect: it creates volumes of missing tissues, fills wrinkles, rejuvenates and tightens the skin (stimulates the production of its own collagen fibers)
  2. Botulinum toxin injections. Indications: mimic wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes. The most modern and safe of botulinum toxins in the drug. It gently blocks the work of muscles while maintaining facial expressions. The result lasts up to 6 months.
  3. Procedures with the Altera non-surgical lifting device. Recommended for more age-related changes. The device acts on the skin with a focused ultrasonic wave at a level of 5 mm, on the SMAS layer. Previously, only a surgeon could work on this layer. With the help of ultrasound, the face contour, pronounced nasolabial wrinkles, flaps, double chin, as well as overhanging eyelids lifted. The effect after the procedure often equated with a surgical facelift. One procedure is enough.
  4. Male body rejuvenation programs, which include plasmapheresis, detox droppers, and droppers, saturating the body with trace elements and vitamins. Unlike vitamins in tablets, the absorption of which reaches only 10%, droppers can increase this percentage to 70%. Such programs allow you to restore a youthful complexion, smooth out wrinkles and also restore energy.

Surgical methods of facial rejuvenation

The face of men ages more slowly than women. But with age (especially after 50), cosmetic procedures no longer give such a pronounced effect. In this case, you can resort to surgical methods to rejuvenate the male face. Among them, the most popular:

  1. Blepharoplasty is an operation to lift the upper eyelids and remove bags under the eyes. The upper, lower, or circular (both types of plastics) are performed. Indications: for heavily overhanging eyelids, pronounced bags under the eyes. The operation allows you to return an “open” and youthful look. The lower one carried out without scars, the upper one can leave a barely noticeable scar in the crease of the eyelid, which is not noticeable to the ordinary look.
  2. A forehead and eyebrow lift is an operation to eliminate deep wrinkles on the forehead, overhanging eyelids, severe drooping of the eyebrows. Plastic smoothness wrinkles raise eyebrows to their natural youthful appearance. Small incisions made in the hair part, so the scars after surgery are not visible.
  3. Ligature lifting. Indications: when it is necessary to tighten a man’s face (face contour) and when gentle alternative lifting techniques no longer give the desired result. It carried out by introducing special threads into the deep layers of the face, which tighten the sagging areas of the face.

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