Best family friendly movies on Disney plus


Looking to have a cosy night in with the family but can’t figure out what movie to watch? Luckily there’s a massive selection of Pixar movies on Disney plus that can be enjoyed by everyone! So, kick back and relax because without further ado, here and some of the best family-friendly movies on Disney plus! There’s no better way to watch these movies than on a large TV Screen! Click here for TV and wall mounting facilities.


This wholesome movie is all about a rat named Remi, this friendly little rat has big aspirations to become a chef. A lot of people hate rats and consider them unhygienic, so this doesn’t do Remi any favours. The ironic thing is he’s a great cook! Remi fails to understand that humans wouldn’t want their food prepared by a rat, so he finds clever ways to follow his passion with the help of his newfound human friend Linguini. In conclusion, the meaning behind the movie would certainly be to follow your dreams no matter what anyone else has to say. This Pixar made classic is without a doubt one of the best family-friendly movies on Disney plus and is perfect for a family night.


You might remember “up” because of the opening scene. Without a doubt, everyone shed a tear while watching this one in cinemas. The sequence shows Carl and his wife growing up and living life together until eventually his wife tragically passes. It’s probably one of the saddest scenes ever released by Disney and is nothing less than iconic at this point. This wholesome animated film follows the story of Carl and Russell on a mission to get to “Paradise Falls” by using thousands of helium-filled balloons to lift his home. Carl stops at nothing to achieve his late wife’s last wish. Their journey is interrupted by a few obstacles along the way that makes things very interesting.

Finding Nemo

This 2003 movie follows the story of a small clownfish named Nemo who gets lost at sea, his dad Marlin goes on a massive adventure to bring him home. Merlin meets a load of different characters and creates a bond with a forgetful fish named Dory who promises to help him. Although not all the fish they run into along the way are so friendly. Finding Nemo also has a sequel that’s on Disney plus called “Finding Dory” that you could give a watch if you’ve already seen the movie! Finding Nemo deserves a place on the list of best family-friendly movies on Disney plus!

Monsters Inc

Although this movie is called monsters inc, it’s one of the best family-friendly movies on Disney plus! The movie is based around a world of friendly monsters who work in a scare factory. When a child manages to find her way into the monster world all the monsters are terrified of her apart from one, Sulley. Sulley is a big blue monster with an even bigger heart who develops a bond with the little girl. He and his one-eyed friend Mike go on an action-packed adventure to bring the girl back home! The full monster world seems to turn against the two for helping the little girl although they don’t give up on their mission to bring her back to the human world.

Inside Out

Inside Out is a fairly new popular movie, great for the full family. It’s about an 11-year-old girl named Riley who moves across the country, meaning she has to attend a new school and make new friends. Riley struggles to deal with her emotions through this stressful period. The twist is, each and every one of her emotions is a character in the movie! This interesting concept is not only made with visually stunning animation but also has a very heart touching story that can teach a lot of life lessons which puts it up there with some of the best family-friendly movies on Disney plus.

Toy story

Much like other movies, Toy Story is a timeless classic that probably everyone has seen at least once, why not revisit the movie for a bit of nostalgia? Toy Story was released in 1996 making it the first-ever feature-length film that was fully animated! For how old the movie is, the movie still holds up in 2022 and is without a doubt still one of the best family-friendly movies on Netflix. A lot of children wish that their toys could come to life and this iconic movie makes that a reality. There are also a variety of sequels made for this movie, the latest one (toy story 4) being made in 2019! Buzz and Woody go on all sorts of crazy adventures in these movies. They explore the concept of friendship and loyalty very well which makes them a must-watch for the family!

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