Can Virtual Mentors Help with Team Building?


Peer-to-peer reviews, partnerships, and appreciation improve interaction and significantly impact work experience. A recent study found that relationships and camaraderie are highly motivating factors for employee performance and that 44% of employees will provide peer recognition when given a tool to do so. Moreover, virtual mentor programs can also offer enhanced productivity and more. Here are two ways a team-building app can offer a platform for peer recognition, virtual mentorship, and engagement.

Social Interaction Option

Enables staff to post updates to certain platforms or a general wall to receive feedback from colleagues and promote encouragement, appreciation, and camaraderie.


It gives a platform for employees to exchange classified and small ads with each other. It’s bound to encourage engagement and boost morale.

How Can Self-Service Options and Virtual Mentorship Help with Productivity?

Administrative tasks such as filing leave forms, carrying out costs, or sorting out timesheets hinder workers’ productivity and interrupt workflows. Employees spend on administrative tasks an estimated 12% of their time. 

Team-building apps that offer HR tools, particularly HR tool integrations, speed up administrative tasks, especially for employees without access to desktop computers. You can cut down on the following tasks with ease:

SAP HR Integration

Administrators can synchronize their HR resources and software with their internal communications network directly managed by SAP.

Leave Request Forms

Employees should be able to apply on-the-go requests, and managers should easily handle approvals.

Registration for Events and Meetings

Without the burden of paper forms, correspondence, and online channels, staff may sign up for events.

How Can Offering Feedback Help Boost the App?

According to Forbes, one of the main reasons workers quit is that they report not being noticed. Providing feedback options for staff helps businesses to develop themselves as managers and also facilitates employee engagement. 

The following workplace app features facilitate open exchange between staff and their managers and improve monitoring and evaluating input processes:


You can easily allow employers to gather workplace data using an online survey system usually common to workers.


Moreover, you can customize an excellent team-building app to allow users to gather information through weblinks through Netigate surveys.

Direct Forms

Employers in their backend application may create custom forms directly and deliver them to workers. Forms can be an excellent way to initiate small digital HR workflows and gain further clients during the application’s initial rollout. 

Employees may, for instance, use a system to apply travel expenses, sick notes, or other demands. This also allows companies to switch quickly to digital using paper processes, as forms can easily be tailored to specific purposes.

Employee Pulse Surveys

Employers can track employee satisfaction quickly and anonymously through surveys and share results easily.

What Is the Bottom Line?

Employees need feedback options to engage with their colleagues and superiors. It is essential to allow them to feel like they are in control by offering productive space for sharing and expressing their feelings. 

Moreover, when you bring virtual mentorship into the mix, you can use the team-building app to the maximum without needing third-party tools. So, the right team-building app can boost performance and internal communication on the go.

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