How is ICP ACC Certification Different than Any Other Certification


If you are looking for ways to amplify your CV and are getting constantly overwhelmed by the number of options. Don’t worry, you are not alone. The key to finding the perfect choice is not that finding which certification is better in general, but for you in the application. For instance, if you are looking forward to getting hired in managerial positions, you’d have a set of options. Similarly for one to attain consulting, coaching, or training positions, you’d be advised to take the ICP-ACC certification, certified agile coach, and more. To help you out further, here are some perspectives upon how ICP-ACC is different from other similar courses, and you can decide whether you should take it:

Way of Approach

Most industry courses may train you for a certain role or a set of limited responsibilities. While ICP ACC focuses on training a person, working on their skills, and innate creativity, and applying it on grounds of coaching facilitation. Even centrally in Scrum, the world of ICP-ACP is broader than most certifications which may focus on roles such as of a product owner or a scrum master. With ICP ACC you sign up for a way wider world of the entire scrum network, welcoming people from all grounds to apply themselves in a variety of work environments.

You for Sure Know the Training has International Approval

With IC Agile not just anyone can promise you training and certification. There are no exams or qualifications required, which makes it open for anyone and everyone. However, the curriculum set by an establishment, on the other hand, needs to pass the approval criteria of an official provider. The learning curriculum and objectives when setting are done by a board of experts on international grounds, testifying the legitimacy of what the person learns throughout.

Your Job Prospects and Options

If you are not certain as to what you should be doing specifically, or what kind of positions you wish to fill in. ICP-ACC is your perfect option. With most industry courses, your range is limited to a certain palette, which is not the case for ICP-ACC. This offers you over 8 different career paths or certification tracks you can choose from. There are over 21 certifications, just in ICC Agile that you can choose.

You are Not Accredited until You Are Competent in the Course

With ICP-ACC the scope of the certifications i.e. professional, expert, and master, the three standards of certifications prove your competency accordingly. For instance, in professional courses, it is knowledge-based as it is for any school or university exam. One cannot be certain if you are as adept in the practical aspect, as you are in theory.

This is why the expert and master levels in the certification, demand you to prove your competency by putting you on the field and seeing you perform. Thus you will have to prove your skills as a coach or facilitator, in front of a table of experts who will then approve you’re working.

ICP-ACC is the ideal option for an applicant, no matter their background or their objective. To get together with experts from all around the world, and enrich your opportunities further while becoming adept in your ICP-ACC methodology, the perfect place for you is at KnowledgeHut.

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