How to Choose Winter Gloves: 5 Things You Need to Know


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Choosing the right pair of winter gloves should be easy, right? But with so many styles, fabrics, and durability levels to choose from it often becomes an overwhelming experience. You may just settle for the first pair that visually appeals to you but that might not be the most suited one.

To truly battle the cold, you just need the right pair of winter gloves. If you happen to choose the wrong one, it might be unnecessarily exposing your hands to all sorts of elements and will not be a pleasing experience.

The best thin winter work gloves should protect your hands and give the warmth that you are looking for. So, here we have rounded up five things that you should keep in mind when you buy a pair that will help you pass the cold winter months with comfort and warmth.



Winter gloves are meant to keep your hands warm. So, above all else, the first thing you should consider while buying a pair is the type of insulation it offers. The insulation type has a major impact on the warmth the gloves provide and is a crucial deciding factor.

So, if you are looking for something lightweight that will give you excellent resistance to extreme cold, you can go for goose down gloves. But if you think there will be a lot of moisture to deal with in your outdoor experience, a glove with Prim aloft insulation should do well.



Know well beforehand, how important it will be to have complete control over your hand movements while choosing a pair of winter gloves. Because if you choose a heavily insulated glove, you will no doubt be well-protected from all the winter elements, but it can restrict your hand movements to a degree as well.

Choosing a pair with good dexterity is particularly important if you plan to do something like ice climbing or working with tools outside. So, decide how important dexterity is to you and then choose the right fabric and how well it will protect you from the cold.




Winter gloves come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them end at the wrists which may be a good choice when you are actively working outside in the cold. But if you are planning on doing some snow sports like skiing, it is recommended that you find gloves that reach well beyond your wrists to keep you safe and protected from the ice and cold.


Unique Gloves

Several gloves offer unique benefits like with some you can work with touchscreen devices, some other can be worn under heavier gloves for added warmth. Various gloves come with various degrees of wind and waterproofness. Also, some of them provide extreme dexterity.

But while choosing them, keep in mind that a more flexible material may often expose you to a greater cold. So, make sure that you choose one that rightly balances between insulating your hands and providing additional functionalities.


Balance Your Needs

It is important to know what exactly the gloves will be used for. For extreme winter sports like ice-climbing, look for gloves with a good balance of dexterity and warmth. Choosing gloves with leather palms can be wise when you plan to do ice climbing. These gloves are more durable and better resist rope burns while rappelling.

If you will be doing downhill skiing, you should focus on gloves with good coverage and those that offer good insulation rather than dexterity. For day-to-day activities, a pair of fleece gloves should act as the best thin winter work gloves.


With a wide range of winter gloves available, it often becomes confusing as to which one to choose. Dexterity and insulation are the two main focuses while choosing a pair. However, your needs will be the ultimate deciding factor and you should always settle for one that perfectly fits your requirements.

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