10 Signs To Look for When Choosing an Emergency Plumber


Your toilet or a tub causes a flood. A pipe bursts in your basement. A faucet starts spraying water in every direction and won’t shut off. The waste is coming back. You return from a vacation, and your home has turned into a lake. Severe plumbing failures cause quite a few nightmarish scenarios. However, these problems can be solved with the help of an emergency plumbing service.

Don’t wait for a small leak to turn into an emergency

One out of ten American households wastes 90 gallons of water and more per day. It happens because of leaks. You shouldn’t be waiting for the leaking pipe or a dripping faucet to cause a flood of biblical proportions. Fix these issues yourself if you have the right skills and tools, or arrange a visit from your local plumber.

Learn to prevent different types of plumbing emergencies by paying attention to the signs of the coming trouble.

Qualities of a professional emergency plumber

If it is your first time dealing with an emergency, check the average costs for various plumbing jobs in the USA before calling a service provider.

If you want your repairs done right, remember these 10 qualities that every emergency plumber worth their salt should have.

Experience with emergencies

Being a regular “9 to 5” plumber is not enough. A specialist that you are looking for should have experience with different kinds of emergencies. You won’t have the luxury of choosing alternative options if repairs don’t go according to the initial plan. A true professional will assess the situation in minutes after arriving on site and choose the best course of action.

Being licensed

It’s worth repeating many times. No license from the local authorities means no deal.

Professional, “can-do” attitude

True professionals don’t hesitate to go above and beyond in the line of duty. They will describe the issues you have in detail, explain what they are going to do. You won’t be left hanging. You will most definitely receive a bit of helpful advice about future issues with plumbing you might have. Don’t neglect it.

They arrive on time

Best plumbers don’t waste even a single minute. They will get to your house at the exact time you agreed on. Emergencies require to be fixed as soon as possible. Additionally, you might have schedule overlaps caused by work or family issues. You can’t afford to wait for hours.

Dependable “around-the-clock” services

Great emergency plumbing providers have a dedicated team of specialists available 24/7. They can arrive at your home in the middle of the night if the emergency requires it. And if you give them a call at 3 AM, a person will pick it up, instead of an answering machine.

Materials and tools

Emergency plumbers must be prepared for almost anything. They should have all the necessary materials and equipment in their vehicles when visiting a client.

They follow safety protocols

True pros wear goggles, gloves, and other protective gear. They don’t want a scene of a plumbing emergency turning into the scene of a medical emergency.

Friendly and mindful of their customers

Most homeowners panic when facing a plumbing emergency, especially for the first time. Good plumbers know their way around people. They will help you calm down and will treat you like a respected customer, not a nuisance. They will lend an ear to your questions and concerns.

They were recommended by family members or colleagues

Exceptional plumbers enjoy so much referral work they don’t even need to advertise. If such a specialist was recommended to you, save their number. Don’t hesitate to give them a call in the time of need. If you have any doubts, look them up online, check their website, testimonials, and track record.

Ethical behavior

A lot of tradesmen try to force desperate clients into paying more or ordering extra (unnecessary) services. While this tactic certainly makes more money in the short term, it is detrimental to the reputation. Honest plumbers won’t saddle you with hidden or additional charges. Ask for a quote. If you get a straight answer right away, hire that person.

Emergency checklist

Follow this checklist when faced with a plumbing emergency and save yourself from bad decisions made in a hurry, additional money loss, and other troubles.

  1. Don’t panic. Most homeowners cause additional damage to their property trying to hastily “DIY the leak.” Calm down and consider your options before taking action.
  2. Know where the main valves are. You might consider labeling shutoff valves with colored tape in advance. If you have a severe leak, know how to limit water access in that area.
  3. Limit damage to the property and protect your belongings and family members. If you have closed the main, gather costly items and documents that shouldn’t get wet. Shut off electrical appliances. Open windows, especially if you have a severe leak or a sewage backup. Dry your floors and furniture.
  4. Check a plumbing service provider’s license before calling them. Most states forbid unlicensed emergency plumbing services.
  5. Ask for proof of insurance, so you won’t be liable for accidents or injuries.
  6. Get to know more about your plumber’s experience and skill level. Professionals generally have more than 5 years under their belts.
  7. Receive an estimate before making a deal. Avoid those service providers who will not give you clear answers.
  8. Make sure you’ll get a warranty (one year is the standard across the industry).
  9. Check reviews and ratings. Professional plumbers have client testimonials on their websites.
  10. Save your local service provider’s number on your phone, or put it onto a fridge. Chicagoans are advised to contact Emergency Plumbing USA in Illinois. Next time you’ll be prepared.


You can prevent most of the plumbing emergencies from happening if you learn about different types of plumbing systems and materials they are made of in advance. However, if you have to deal with a plumbing crisis, follow the advice from this article. You can find additional tips on hiring plumbers from the Better Business Bureau.

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