What is VPS Hosting? Why Should You Use It?


If you have decided to take your business to next level, then you must consider choosing a reliable hosting solution to meet your users’ demands. To see the potential growth with your business, you need to go with the Virtual Private Server i.e. VPS. This article explains everything about VPS Hosting and its benefits to your business.

What is VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server is a server that acts as a dedicated server. VPS uses virtual technology to handle and manage your website’s data. Instead of managing your big data manually, the server manages everything itself over the web. A VPS can be housed along with the existing server or can be used separately as per the user’s demand.

Let’s talk about the benefits of using Virtual Private Server Hosting over Shared Hosting or Dedicated Servers. The following list will give you the required information about VPS Hosting.

Benefits of using VPS Hosting

  1. Great Reliability

Unlike shared hosting or dedicated servers, VPS hosting providers offer 100% guaranteed uptime which means your website won’t slow down in any situation. Since the hosting is based on the cloud, the VPS Hosting providers make use of the advanced cloud computing technology to improve its reliability.

When you use shared hosting, you may have to compromise with your site’s performance when the website uses the same server receives more traffic. This will impact your website’s overall performance. Hostzealot offers a range of hosting services including VPS Hosting at affordable rates.

  1. Increased Performance

Since VPS Hosting offers 99.99 or 100% uptime guaranteed, you will never complain about the performance of your website. VPS Hosting provides all the resources dedicated to your website.

No other website interrupts your website’s performance. This ultimately gives your website the much-needed boost. It can handle a large number of visitors without losing its speed or uptime.

  1. Great Compatibility

VPS Hosting providers help you establish your system and websites on your respective PC systems. You can use it on a Windows PC or a Mac system. Ubuntu VPS Hosting is also offered by various providers to use on a Linux system. No matter which Operating System you use, you can still use VPS Hosting for managing and running your websites.

  1. Fully Managed Service

Unlike shared hosting and dedicated servers, VPS Hosting providers offer fully managed services to their customers. This means you don’t need to worry about managing the hosting, the company offers its service for free to manage your hosting on your behalf.

When you choose a reliable VPS hosting provider, he will manage your system’s hardware, software updates, system update,s and more. You will never have any complaints regarding this. This is one more benefit of using VPS Hosting for professional websites.

  1. Supports Multiple Domains

As per the plan you select from the hosting provider, you can run multiple domains on a single VPS Hosting just like shared hosting. Since you will be provided with dedicated resources, there will be no issues with your website. Your sites will run smoothly without any issues even if you host multiple domains.

  1. Auto Backup Feature

The VPS Hosting providers use advanced cloud computing technology to manage your website’s data. A reliable hosting provider will offer you an auto-backup option to take a backup of your website’s data automatically.

This option comes as a hidden gem as you can enable or disable this option. Some providers may ask for additional charges to use this feature as cloud storage is not a free service. However, if your website has limited data, you will be given this service for free.

  1. Choose The Required Services

VPS Hosting providers come with different plans and options to choose the required services. You don’t need to pay extra or buy unnecessary services. You can either go for the managed plan or unmanaged plan as per your technical skills. If you know how to manage your website’s data on your own, you should not invest in managed hosting as Managed hosting costs extra.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support

VPS Hosting providers are known for their exceptional customer care services. You can reach out to the team anytime you experience any kind of issue with your website. You can reach out to them over a phone call or write a ticket or can make use of the chatbot option from their website. Your queries will be resolved quickly!


If your website is experiencing loading issues or uptime issues or can’t manage high traffic, it is the right time to switch to VPS Hosting. We have explained the benefits of VPS Hosting in this article which is enough for you to understand why should you switch to VPS Hosting instead of using shared hosting. If you are worried about the future of your website, then VPS Hosting is your best companion!

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