How to Clean Up iPhone Memory: 4 Quick Tips


Not many things are more frustrating than trying to take a picture or download something on your iPhone and getting a “not enough storage” error.. This is unavoidable, as the longer you use your smartphone the more clutter it collects over time. However, you do need to clean your iPhone memory up regularly to prevent completely running out of space when you most need it. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to clear your memory space. 

Use a cloud

Using an external cloud for your storage is perhaps the easiest way to quickly gain more storage space without the need to actually delete any of your files. All you need to do is offload photos from phone gallery into the cloud and then you can safely delete all of the original ones, so you don’t have duplicates. There are various external clouds you can use, including the Apple-owned iCloud or the Google Drive. If you have run out of free space you can also buy extra cloud memory for a small charge. 

Declutter your gallery

Photos and videos are typically what we tend to clutter our smartphones with the most. Therefore, you can free up a huge chunk of this memory space by going through your gallery and deleting anything you don’t need. Pay attention to things like duplicate images, poor quality photos, large files, old screenshots and so on. There is certain functionality available on iPhones that help you identify such files and easily delete all unnecessary photos in bulk. 

Delete unnecessary apps

There is an application available for virtually any purpose, from educational to entertainment.. Such a wide choice of them makes it quite easy to fill your iPhone up with apps you don’t necessarily need or use. So, regularly going through your app store and uninstalling the apps you have not used for a long time and don’t intend to use anytime soon may free up quite a bit of memory space. Again, some smartphones have the ability to show you the last time an app has been used and whether it is worth deletin for storage. 

Clear out your cache

There can be a lot of confusion around the need for cache files and whether they are all just clutter in your iPhone. You can be reassured that cache files are not useless – they are responsible for making sure that your systems, apps and browsers open up quickly and smoothly as you regularly use them. However, these files can easily pile up overtime, including ones that you don’t need anymore, so empting them once in a while will prevent them from cluttering up your memory space. 

There are different types of cache files you may delete. The browser cache can be deleted within the browser that you use, while system and apps cache are managed on your iPhone settings. Your phone will automatically detect the files that can be safely deleted without negatively affecting the performance of your device. Don’t worry, the cache that is needed will simply reappear the next time you use your apps or browsers.

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