The beginner’s mantras to finding a job in a highly competitive world


In the highly competitive world that we live in today, finding a job is not a piece of cake. Beginners find it extremely difficult to navigate their way in the job market trying to land the job of their dreams. It’s not like everyone has it easy like cyber security professionals with a ceh certification. A lot of sectors have a high supply of professionals with slightly lesser demand, making it a cut-throat race to getting into an organisation. Here are a few mantras that will help you increase your chances of getting the job of your choice:

  1. Begin with a strong résumé

Your résumé sets the first impression about you on potential employers. Make sure your resume is strong, succinct yet comprehensive. Use an impactful tone with a purpose. Remember that employers will be reading your résumé and forming a mental image of you with that information alone. Therefore, it should reflect the best version of yourself covering not just your professional and educational achievements but also a brief idea about your personality and strengths as a worker and team player.

For example, if you have completed your ethical hacking course  training from a prestigious institute, then you can add why you chose that institute and reflect your dedication to excellence from that.

  1. Make the most of job platforms like Linkedin, Facebook groups, Upwork

Job platforms like LinkedIn are where recruiters and candidates come together. Every minute, new positions are being posted about and HR managers are on the constant lookout for their future employees. Who knows when you’ll meet your perfect match over there? Therefore, you should always keep your profile up to date on these platforms. With features like endorsements and activities, you can make your profile a real head-turner. Make it a habit to visit these popular job platforms like LinkedIn (even Facebook groups and Upwork work amazingly) on a frequent basis to keep your ear to the ground and see what companies and people are posting about. If you see something that you like, then make sure to leave a message or comment telling them you’re interested and send them your résumé and portfolio as soon as possible.

Pro tip: Always keep your résumé cover letter and portfolio ready to go.

  1. Showcase your work

A lot of people don’t pay much attention to their portfolios. It’s a shame that portfolios are so underrated, knowing that they can literally make the biggest difference in your candidacy. Always use your portfolio to showcase your best work so that it complements everything you have mentioned in your résumé and online profiles and makes your proposal worth taking seriously.

  1. Send out messages and emails to people

Most of the time, when you have no lead conversions, it’s because you are not sending out enough pings. Keep sending messages and mails to people telling them that you’re looking for a job and attach your important documents like résumé and portfolio etc. even if they haven’t posted for a job requirement or a vacancy publicly. You never know when an HR professional comes across your email and decides to give you a call for an interview.

  1. Keep expanding your network

Your network can open amazing opportunities for you when you’re least expecting it. The more people you know, the better your chances of getting a job opportunity are. Make sure to expand your network beyond your industry. Knowing people working in different sectors than yours can help you get into organisations out of your reach. To build a network and to continue to grow it, you’ll need to acquire some people’s skills as well as social media skills. You can use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to build strong connections with people.

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