The Benefits of NEMT Software in the Medical Industry


NEMT stands for non-emergency medical transport, the service offers non-emergency transportation service to patients who are unable to get to the hospitals or clinics. Hospitals and healthcare systems face many challenges while handling the transportation of patients. To streamline the transportation section, NEMT Software are invented.

The advanced NEMT Software comes with many benefits. Starting from tracking down the drivers to providing seamless transportation services, a reliable NEMT Software can handle all types of requirements of the patients.

ISI-technology is a leading software developing company that designs NEMT Dispatch Software as per the requirements from the clinics and hospitals. Besides this, the same platform designs billing software, safety software, homecare software, and many other software to fulfill our requirements.

NEMT History

Non-emergency Medical Transportation service was introduced in the year 1966. It was introduced as a beneficial service in Medicaid Program which is a medical insurance program backed by the US Government for the citizens. Eligible individuals can get free rides to reach out to the hospitals. The service is offered by both States Government and Federal Government to eligible citizens.

This service was designed for low-income families who have fewer resources to reach out the medical facilities. Over the past few years, the governments have been making changes to the existing plans covered in the Medicaid Program. However, the service is still available under Medicaid Program.

What are the most common issues that people face while reaching out to the hospitals?

There are several problems that one has to face while reaching out to the hospitals even if they are provided transportation service from the hospitals. Sometimes, they missed pickups, sometimes the vehicle breakdown in between the journey,  etc.

Some people also complain about the no-show up of the vehicle they booked through the hospital. The list goes on and on and for that reason, hospitals and medical providers started using NEMT software. The benefits of implementing NEMT Software are listed below:

Benefits of NEMT Software

Controls Transportation

NEMT Software is used as a dispatch software by healthcare systems to control transportation. The software uses advanced technology that helps the system to track down the vehicles’ path, the timings of the vehicles, etc. The software provides the best of routes to the drivers for quick access to healthcare facilities. It helps the system to understand the transportation process faster.

Real-time Status

We never know about the hurdles that come across the way of the drivers. When the hospitals use the NEMT software, they can get to know about the status of delivery in real-time. If something goes wrong in between the delivery, they will also get notifications. It includes the location of the driver and the vehicles so that the problem can be easily resolved.

Quick Solutions

NEMT software is used by healthcare systems for quick solutions. The software can be operated by an individual from anywhere. It provides remote access so that the owner can use it from his own company to keep an eye on the vehicles. Besides this, the software is also used to resolve several issues that the healthcare system face.

Dispatching and delivering products is crucial to managing the flow. The medical industry requires on-time delivery of products and patients also require quick access to transportation services. NEMT software can manage both tasks smoothly.

Automatic Tasks

NEMT Software is designed to do your routine transportation tasks automatically. The software takes care of all the aspects of transportation from the start to finish for the patients. It streamlines the entire transportation system and provides quick access to needy people.


The software is designed and set up as per the capacity of the healthcare system. It helps the organization to auto-schedule the transportation arrangements and other requirements for the patients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Is NEMT Service different from Ambulance Service?

NEMT does offer kind of the same service as an ambulance; however, the service can only be used by the citizens for non-emergency tasks. Ambulances are used for emergency needs by citizens. This is the only difference between the NEMT Service and Ambulance Service.

Question 2: How does NEMT Software work?

NEMT Software works automatically on behalf of the entire transportation system of the hospital. Starting from scheduling the rides to finishing them, everything is well-managed by the software itself. A proper operator is required to manage the data or to make calls to the patients.

Question 3: Is NEMT Service provided to Medicaid Beneficiaries only?

Apparently, no! NEMT Service backs not only Medicaid beneficiaries, but also backs veteran affairs and healthcare advantage programs availed by the citizens.

Take Away!

NEMT Software is gaining more popularity due to its capability of working on its own. The software schedules ride reminds them about the rides, can track down the drivers through built-in GPS, and provides all the other transportation service and their data in real-time. It eliminates the need for an extra workforce which ultimately saves a lot of money in the end!

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