The main online projects that bet on the storyline


A lot of players who come to new projects for themselves, whether it’s an MMO RPG or another genre, do not necessarily want to get only action or grind, but they want to see a full and deep story component that adds meaning and justification to the actions of the players.

Often, it’s not enough just to kill thousands of monsters, you still need to explain and justify such actions, then it’s doubly interesting for players to force the storyline to find out how events end and what they turn into, many even order a boost from the Skycoach service to get into end-game content and continue your journey.

World of Warcraft

WoW can be safely called the most famous and recognizable project in the MMO RPG genre, and all because of the interesting storyline and many mechanics that are developed and supplemented from update to update.

The general concept is based on the confrontation between two factions – the Horde and the Alliance, which will never be able to reconcile with each other, and on the lands of Azeroth there are always fights and battles, both local and large-scale.

The storyline is intertwined quite interestingly – not only do the players oppose each other depending on their sympathy for one of the parties, they also face new and main opponents without ceasing to fight each other.

So, in the latest raids there is an acute threat of distortion of the path of time and the attack of strong monsters – dragons, but even under such conditions, the Horde and the Alliance do not help each other, but only track progress and bring the best guilds into the halls of fame.

You will study the history of continental Azeroth and all the expansions that have already been released as part of quests, and gradually approach the Dragonflight update and study the history of new islands that have been hidden from the eyes of ordinary travelers all this time.

Destiny 2

A cult game in the genre of MMO shooter from Bungie, which offers players the concept of exploring space and saving their home planet from alien invaders.

You need to choose one of three classes. each of which has an added history that can help you make a choice.

Titan is a protective knight, a representative of the order of the defense of the earth. The knights swore an oath to protect their home planet and the city they built with their own hands and pledged to defend even at the cost of their own lives.

Warlock is a wanderer and magician who pursues the teachings of light and the fight against darkness in all its manifestations, and sets himself the goal of learning magic and absorbing knowledge in all possible situations and circumstances.

The hunter is a wanderer and a master of shooting and dagger fighting. The hunters were driven out of their homelands and spent many months wandering the wilderness in order to survive, which made them first-class hunters and assassins and contract lovers. Belonging to the mercenary betrays their signature cape, which develops behind them. The code of honor obliges all hunters to take cloaks from the backs of fallen comrades and complete their contract so that the soul of the deceased find’s peace.

As for the general plot, the earth is not going through the best period due to the invasion of aliens and throws all its forces to repel the attack and at the same time tries to explore space and find allies.

You will even have to choose one side of the conflict in order to force the two armies to fight each other and weaken the attackers before the final battle and sending to Neptune as part of the Lightfall update.

Escape from Tarkov

An interesting project that contains elements of survival and the royal battle, as well as a full-fledged military simulator.

According to the plot, the events of Tarkov unfold around the region of the same name, in which two armies clashed in battle – Russia and the United States due to government conflicts, but in order not to unleash a big world war, both sides are fighting with private military campaigns.

You have to choose your side, given that the difference is rather mental and differs in voice commands that players give to each other during battle and movement, and of course branded weapons and currency.

Otherwise, both sides find themselves in the same conditions in which they need to make combat sorties in order to find equipment and ammunition, weapons and accessories for it, grenades and medicines.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. The forces of your PMC need to prevent the enemy from getting stronger.
  1. It is necessary to find and take as many valuable resources as possible that were forgotten or lost by the military during the retreat, not to mention household items that can be sold, cartridges, medicines, vodka and other consumables.
  1. The more you push out opponents from large zones, the more advantages you can bring to yourself and your allies. The fact is that, given the realism of Tarkov, you need to protect your stocks of property, because in the event of death you will lose all the accumulated items that were not previously insured.

Diablo 4

Continuation of a series of cult confrontation between humanity and hordes of demons led by the leader of the same name – Diablo.

You need to choose your hero, where each character has their own motivation for entering into conflict.

The most interesting thing for a magician is just to test your strength and prove your skill.

Diablo 4 involves the gradual cleansing of local villages from demons and the liberation of fortresses to create a local preponderance of the united races, which will gradually push the enemies out of their territories.

Each part of Diablo is built around the gradual development of the whole adventure by fighting local demons and smoothly transitioning to a really strong enemy who controls his armies from a safe distance.

Diablo’s concept involves going through the game several times with a constant increase in difficulty and entering a justified battle between players for the status of the best PVP unit, when the demons are already defeated, and the strengthened heroes simply cannot find another use for their strength, except to find out the strongest.

Interestingly, the entire storyline of each part of Diablo, starting from the first, gradually stretches from the first invasion and the creation of a dangerous zone near the city of Tristan and the gradual development of the power of demons that the player pacifies, but he himself becomes a vessel for the implementation of a greater force. Having eliminated the danger in the second part and eliminated the three archdemons, the gamer smoothly moves on to the third and fourth parts, where evil still finds a way to penetrate the game world.

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