Top 5 Advantages Of Live Chat Support For Your Business


In today’s digital era, where every business has got an online presence, the key to success is speed. Customers look for brands that are fast in replies and delivery; right from overnight shipping to prompt access to live chat customer support. A live chat support company offers the best customer service support to businesses. Customer service is the department that gets hit the most because customers expect them to be alert, prompt, and responsive at all times and this can sometimes become a challenge for the businesses to achieve.

It has been found that on an average, the response time customer service on social media is around 10 hours, whereas the email replies may take up to 12 hours. These long delays do not work anymore as by the time the customer will lose interest in your product and jump to some other brand whose customer service is more prompt. Thus, live chat is the ideal way to have real-time conversations with the customers while they are still accessing your website. This way you can immediately answer their queries and help them decide about their purchase. Live chat support is 100 times faster than other channels.

Here are the live chat service benefits that will positively affect your business:

  1. Minimize support costs

It is clear that live chat support companies cost you much less than the telephone support that requires the more expensive hardware and software. Also, the cost of telephone agents is more than that of live chat support agents. It is found that the live chat service costs 17% less than a phone call service. For any business expenses are very crucial and where one can reduce the overhead expenses, one should.

Thus, hiring live chat support services is more economical for the business also.

  1. Boost sales and conversions

If you have a live chat feature on your website, then its biggest benefit is a big boost in sales and conversions. When a prospect browses your website they will have several questions about your service or product for which they would prefer prompt answers. A live chat support will help them get their answers right there. It is something like having a live sales assistant by your side while you are buying something on the website. Such live chats have a positive impact on the customers and they tend to purchase the product or service, thus increasing sales and conversion rate.

  1. Acquire a competitive edge

If your ecommerce website has live chat support, you get a big opportunity to gain a competitive edge over your contemporaries. Many successful businesses swear by their live chat support as a way to boost their sales and give their rivals a competitive edge. It is a big differentiator in the customer service zone because in today’s time, customers prefer real time support, that is prompt and efficient.

  1. Build trust

Customers always have a skeptical mind that stops them from buying whatever they see online and that too from unknown sellers. With the love chat software, they can ask any question and get prompt replies and also a better understanding of the brand. These conversations help in building trust in the brand and bridging the gap between the offline and online shopping. If you don’t have live chat support, you will not be able to build trust with your customers and may lose them to your rivals.

  1. Keep in touch with visitors

Not every visitor can turn into a buyer, and this is a fact. There’ll be visitors who will leave your site without purchasing anything. But, do not sit back and let them go, because it is possible that they come back to you at some point in future. Hire a chat support agent who can collect information about the visitors and turn them into future leads. You can ask them their name, contact information, etc. and deliver them a more personalized experience. Offer news and promotional material to the visitors during live chat and enhance your marketing strategy. Keep in contact with the visitors and update them with your brand’s new launches and offers.


To get success in ecommerce, do not ignore the live chat software. Take help from the best live chat support companies to hire agents to carry out the live chats, effectively. It will immensely benefit your business and provide an unforgettable experience to the customers. Use the live chat support and stay ahead of your rivals.

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