Utilize Digital Coaching to Fight Quiet Quitting



Not all quitting is loud and obnoxious. In fact, some people quit without even letting you know. The problem of “quiet quitting” is a very real issue that can negatively impact your workforce and business results. Digital coaching can help solve this problem by giving employees access to resources that will keep them engaged, so they won’t want to leave without telling you first!

There’s such a thing as “quiet quitter.”

Quiet quitters are employees who are disengaged and not engaged in their work. They may be unhappy but aren’t actively looking for new jobs, so they don’t appear to be leaving. Quiet quitters cost companies money because it’s difficult to measure their impact on performance until they leave unexpectedly.

In digital coaching sessions, we help employees understand what they need to do at work to feel happy and fulfilled—so they don’t have to leave.

Digital coaching is a great resource for employees.

Digital coaching is a great resource for employees. It helps them become more engaged and can help you improve employee engagement.

Digital coaching allows you to engage with your employees on a regular basis, providing feedback and encouragement in an approachable way. This is good because it makes workers feel heard, which can make them more interested in what you have to say and more likely to follow your instructions or suggestions.

Employees respond more to digital coaching than traditional benefits.

Digital coaching offers an easy and engaging way to help employees understand the importance of alerting their manager if they are feeling overwhelmed, which can lead to a greater chance of them reporting when they feel like quitting.

Studies show that employees respond more to digital coaching than traditional benefits. This is primarily because digital coaching offers a personal experience that makes it easy for employees to understand how their work-life balance affects their performance at work. For example, in one study of over 1,200 workers across seven countries, 72% said that receiving regular feedback from their manager on how well they were balancing work life with personal life would make them feel more engaged in their job – an increase from 56% who felt that way before receiving this kind of feedback (1). In addition, 71% said they would be willing to discuss issues related to work-life balance with management if given the opportunity – another sign of how well received this type of communication is among employees.

Digital coaching offers numerous benefits for both the employee and employer.

Digital coaching offers numerous benefits for both the employee and employer. Employees who participate in digital coaching are more engaged, which means they’re more likely to achieve their goals, work harder and be loyal to their company. Employers can save money on traditional benefits like health insurance by incentivizing employees through the use of digital coaching tools.

Furthermore, there’s evidence that digital coaching has a positive impact on employee engagement. When people know what’s expected of them and how they’ll be rewarded for meeting those expectations, they feel empowered by their job—and that sense of empowerment can lead to increased motivation at work.

Digital coaching can help you improve employee engagement and decrease the problem of “quiet quitting”

Digital coaching is an excellent resource for employers, especially those with a large number of employees. It’s also an excellent way to reduce the problem of “quiet quitting,” which occurs when employees stop coming into work without giving notice or prior notification. By providing digital coaching, employers can better engage their employees and create a more positive workplace environment. This will make them less likely to want to quit their job and will increase productivity in general.


The digital coaching program offers employers the ability to reach out to their employees in new ways, while also improving employee engagement and decreasing the problem of “quiet quitting.” If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your employee benefits program, digital coaching is a great option that won’t cost much time or money.

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