Ways to become a popular streamer on the example of World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft, is one of the most popular MMO RPGs in the gaming space, and any major update release is an opportunity to gain an audience.

Always with radical changes in game mechanics and improvements to the game world, there is an influx of new players into the game, the return of old gamers and, of course, many caring viewers who do not want or cannot devote time to the game, but want to absorb content related to WoW. Buy World of Warcraft Gold so as not to torment yourself and the audience with farming and go looking for opponents.

What you will need:

  • Microphone
  • Second monitor
  • Gaming PC
  • stable internet


To start streaming, you can take a gaming headset with a microphone, but over time, you should take a voice tool on a stand with a filter to cut off extraneous sounds and not annoy the viewer with bad sound.

Second monitor

You will need a source on which you will read the chat in parallel with the game. A second monitor with HD support to see the chat well is great for starting – many streamers use two or three monitors, after you understand which option is yours.

Gaming PC

You should not lag, and the PC should pull both the game itself and the broadcast – it is better to strive for ultra quality, or at least high graphics settings.

Stable internet

A good tariff and a powerful router are the key to a stable broadcast.

Where to begin

Create an account on Twitch, and share links to your broadcast to friends and all social networks. It is important to get the first viewers so that the system perceives you as interesting content and starts promoting you to other users.

Game Tips

Viewers respond well to active and dynamic content, if you want to stream the farming process, then you need to be either a popular media personality or a master of words – there are many silent farming streamers, but they don’t linger on their broadcasts.

Take an active class that is good in PvP and PvE. For example, a magician, or an archer – they are always interesting to watch.

Fortunately, in World of Warcraft, starting from level 20, it is quite easy to find PVP on your own head, or on your opponent’s head, if you are good at skills and game mechanics.

Look for and fight with opponents, not forgetting to comment on what is happening even for one viewer – everything is like in a theater here, we work even without observers.

Do not get carried away killing small players – who are much lower than you in level. This is bad from the point of view of game ethics, it does not bring PVP coins and someone of a high level will come to the location quickly enough and just kill you.

Watching such actions will be to a greater extent a toxic audience, which is sarcastic at all the actions of the streamer and practically does not donate. We do not need such content and viewers.

If you still like farming, then choose interesting locations, and even better – show a quick way to level up to level 60 so that the audience can see one of the development options for your game and go to the dragon islands.

It’s funny that representatives of both factions sail to new locations together and only upon arrival again become enemies.

Show the audience the beauty and gameplay of all four islands, each of which is made in the theme of one of the types of dragons living here. If this is your first character in the Dragonflight update, then you will have to go through all four islands in strict order, helping the explorer and meeting with the ancient spirit of the wind, in order to open the dragon capital in the mountains.

Viewers will be interested in such content – if you play cheerfully, actively, do not be stupid, and most importantly – do not be silent.

Professions and orders

In Dragonflight, it will be possible to create orders with the availability of resources and fulfill them.

Craft orders. You can show your viewers how they can quickly level up any profession and develop specialization skills in their craft. Then start fulfilling orders, at the same time explaining their significance and the reason for the choice, so that from the outside it looks like a full-fledged guide, where viewers can also ask questions in the chat.

Please note that when you create an order, you will need a recipe and materials, as well as a financial reward, otherwise the master simply will not get to work, at least you will wait a long time for execution and your good Samaritan.

If you yourself take the order to work, then carefully look at the resources column. The player who left the order can indicate that the materials of the blacksmith are used, and if this was not agreed in advance with an additional payment, you can simply get cheated and draw out your stocks of resources at an inappropriate order price.

Teach your viewers how to check and prevent cheating, and more people will watch you.

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