What Streaming Services Should I Subscribe to in 2022?


If you’re working hard every day in 2022, you deserve quality entertainment to help you unwind after a long day. With the sheer amount of apps trying to get your money out there, however, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. If you want to gain a massive catalog of options to help you relax, you need to ensure that you’re investing in the best apps out there. For those who need a bit of guidance, here are the streaming services you should be subscribing to in 2022:


Before you invest in brand new streaming services, you need an app that will revolutionize the way you stream. Kodi is an amazing new app that provides you with a user interface and streaming experience that is miles ahead of any competitor. This easy-to-use service allows you to host all of your streaming apps’ content, your personal digital files, games, and other material all in one convenient location. Kodi removes the need to constantly jump between different apps, and allows you to walk away from the haphazard UI design that you’ve come to expect from whatever TV you’re streaming on.


Despite some recent controversies, Netflix has continued to produce and stream some of the best modern content around. From Stranger Things to Squid Game, there are constant streams of pop culture hits that have everyone talking available only on Netflix. With tons more original films and shows coming to the app in 2022, you must have a Netflix subscription if you want to stay connected to the pulse of pop culture. Just make sure you stay careful about password sharing, as the company is beginning to crack down on those who share their profile and password with tons of people.


If you love to watch network TV, but do not have cable, Hulu is the best app for you. Not only do you get access to major series on most of the main networks (within 24 hours of them airing), but you get the ability to catch up on shows by exploring every season in one convenient location. The amount of fantastic original content on Hulu is hard to overstate as well and has made many people who exclusively stream migrate to the app. You can add on other streaming packages from various channels, studios, and distributors as well, so Hulu can always provide you with more and more quality content to enjoy.


HBO Max has recently been under scrutiny, as it may be merged with other apps soon, despite viewer outcry. Until that happens, however, HBO Max is an absolute must for anyone who streams a lot of content. Not only do you get access to the stellar catalog of HBO shows and movies (which is filled to the brim with modern classics such as The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm), but you get access to their current creations, and a huge catalog of classic films. There are too many titles of interest on HBO Max for one article, so get a subscription and begin exploring this behemoth streaming library ASAP.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has become a goliath in nearly every industry, and entertainment has fallen under the mega-corporations bundle of offerings over the last decade. Although the service had a slow start, it now puts out some of today’s most popular TV shows and movies (including the smash hit The Boys). If you still rent videos that are unavailable on any streaming service, you can do so on Amazon Prime Video, and you’ll often pay a lower price for them than you would on other popular rental services. For those who love foreign content, the amount of quality content from around the globe available on the app is downright impressive, so start globetrotting from your living room now!


Disney has become the largest media conglomerate in the world, and they have the advantage of streaming exclusive content from the Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel brands. With a ton of superfans that want to follow every single crumb of content these brands put out, the app practically sells itself. If you love superheroes, fantasy, or classic Disney content, no app will give as much bang for your buck as Disney+ does.

Make 2022 Perfect with Quality Entertainment

With these services, you’ll perfect your ability to watch quality entertainment in 2022. There are tons of unique features packed into each of these services, and with the rapid-fire rate of content creation these days, you’ll never be unable to find something exciting to watch. Check out these apps now, and you’ll soon be knee-deep in much-needed escapist storytelling.

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