Why You Should Support Small Businesses


To say small businesses are the backbone of the economy is an understatement. According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), they are now 99.2% of all commercial organisations in the UK.

Supporting small businesses can boost all areas of industry and commerce, however there are even more unforeseen benefits to supporting small businesses which many people often don’t realise.

How Small Businesses Help With Community Building

There’s a common expression that healthy back streets create healthy high streets. It basically means that the stronger communities are, the more money they spend. By shopping with small businesses – and gearing business solutions and help to small businesses – you’re also investing in your local area. Even small businesses using the internet for national or international sales have their roots in a community.

Investing in small businesses in local communities – rather than overseas multi-nationals – also helps to strengthen smaller suppliers, farmers and food producers. Also, by sourcing things locally, supply chains become more sustainable and your carbon footprint reduces. It could make your products and services more attractive to your customers too if you can demonstrate local sourcing policies and community commitment.

Diversity Of Opportunity & Employment

Providing services tailored for small businesses and generally supporting them has created a vital career lifeline for people over recent years. Not just during the economic impact of COVID-19 and Brexit, but all the economic and social upheavals before that too. When jobs dried up, the fact small businesses can do well give people inspiration to go it alone!

It’s not just about finding a solution following redundancy or some other job loss though. It can be a long-held dream to ‘be your own boss’ and follow in the footsteps of others who’ve started their own business. Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to create many kinds of start-ups working from home – or even your garage or shed.

In this case, it’s all about helping small businesses by providing cost-effective card/phone payment systems. Companies like Independent Merchant Services offer a range of great services to help small businesses like your own in becoming a cost-effective business. The technology, contracts and fees for card machines are easy to understand and are designed to help small businesses to trade efficiently. Including handling mobile and international payments, to keep customers happy.

How Customers Can Benefit From Supporting Small Businesses

There are many benefits of supporting local businesses to customers, and customer support for small businesses can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, big businesses have buying power, and the resources to provide goods and services at highly competitive prices. It’s why the big supermarkets made such a massive dent in Britain’s former reputation as a ‘nation of shopkeepers’. Also, buying online means you can source products from anywhere in the world, and have them delivered to your door- especially as major global retailers have slick technology.

However, there’s a swing away from this, and back to traditional ways of sourcing goods and services. Largely as consumers and business decision-makers want to be treated as individuals, and are growing a little suspicious of technology! Going into a local shop or dealing with a small business in your area, is a more personal way to source goods. You can ask for advice and recommendations and be treated with warmth and appreciation, as getting noticed as a small business is a huge success for them. Imagine a world in which you couldn’t linger in a local coffee shop, ask a local tradesperson to pop round or visit a local hairdresser or barber!

Also, buying from small local businesses can still mean getting things delivered to your door – often the same day. One of the best small business tips is to big up how versatile, responsive and friendly you are, compared to faceless global entities. Those extra pennies are worth that ‘personal touch’.

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