3  Reasons Why You Should Unlock Your PDF Files Online


PDF documents are one of few document formats that provide security to their contents by allowing encryption. This means that you could set a password for your PDF document which needs to be entered before it is accessed. This ensures that the contents of documents will not be opened without your permission, especially if your files contain sensitive information that should not simply be accessed by anyone. 

But despite providing security to documents, entering passwords before accessing PDF documents could seem inconvenient to some people, especially those who either forget the password of their files often or need to access them in the soonest time possible. With this in mind, there are websites and even software like Adobe Acrobat Pro which enables people to unlock their PDF files. But why is using a website to perform this task considered to be a much better method than using software like Adobe Acrobat Pro? This article outlines the reasons why many people opt to unlock their PDF files online instead of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

  1. No Need to Sign-In or Create an Account

When you use a website to unlock PDF online, you don’t need to sign in or even create an account to access them. You only need to load them on a web browser on either a smartphone or a computer and you’re already good to go! After the website has been loaded, you may immediately upload your PDF file and have its password removed. This is different from using Adobe Acrobat Pro, which requires you to sign in to an Adobe account before you could use it. This is alongside paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee for using this software. Thus, a website that enables users to unlock their PDF files is a great option for people who either do not wish to sign in before unlocking their PDF files, do not have enough money to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription fee, or both. These websites also make this process faster, since customers could immediately start unlocking their PDF files after opening them on a web browser. 

  2.Unlock PDF Files Anywhere on Any Device

For the most part, Adobe Acrobat Pro could only be downloaded on a Windows or Mac computer. This makes the process of unlocking PDF files using this software more difficult, as you would need to have a computer to download this software along with enough funds to pay for a subscription fee to access Adobe Acrobat Pro. On the contrary, websites are more accessible to most people, since you don’t need to download an app or software on your mobile device or computer just to unlock your PDF files. 

If your mobile device or computer has a web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, then you could easily open these websites and use them to unlock your PDF files. Because they could be opened on a web browser and they feature cloud storage which enables them to unlock PDF files without requiring any app or software to be downloaded, these websites could be accessed on any platform such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and even Chrome OS. 

Therefore, these websites could be used anywhere using any device to unlock your PDF files, which is great especially if you need to do this task as quickly as possible. While you can download and open password-protected PDF files on Adobe Acrobat Reader that is installed on Android or iOS devices, using Adobe Acrobat Pro to fully remove the password of your files is still the official way to unlock PDF files. It’s just that this method is not necessarily available for everyone. 

  3.You Don’t Have to Pay a Penny

Finally, the biggest advantage of using websites to unlock your PDF files is that they offer these services without charging them money. You only need to have an Internet connection to open these websites on your computer or smartphone, and you do not need to pay even a single penny to unlock your PDF files using these websites. In contrast, you would need to download Adobe Acrobat Pro and then pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee as previously mentioned a few times before you could use this software. 

While Adobe Acrobat Pro usually applies to professionals, businessmen, and other people who regularly need to unlock PDF files at work, websites that offer this service are also applicable to people who do not bring their computers or laptops with them often as well as to those who do not unlock PDF files regularly and only do so occasionally. Even though this is the case, websites that offer PDF decryption services also provide great benefits to people who could afford to pay Adobe’s subscription fees and unlock PDF files more frequently.


Adobe Acrobat Pro, despite being the official software for accessing and unlocking PDF files, is not necessarily accessible for everyone. Because of this, there are several websites on the Internet that provide this service for free. If you need to unlock your PDF files without any additional charges, you can rely on GogoPDF to do this work for you. This website is not just free to use, but it is also quick, secure, and it only takes a few minutes for your PDF file’s password to be completely removed from the document. You only need to upload the document on GogoPDF’s website, wait for a few moments, and you can download the decrypted PDF file afterward.

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