8 Mobile Location Tracker Apps To Believe In 2020


It becomes really challenging when an individual loses its mobile phone. The panics, cries, and heartbreaks are never a story but real emotions when such an incident happens. In this scenario, mobile location tracker apps are friends to individuals who never miss out on a chance to get their phone back.

If we see the current prices of different smartphones, we will be blown away. The hike in prices has made our sentiments even stronger. Hence, smartphones are our long-term investment that no one would want to lose at any cost.

So, there is a way to get your phone back without getting into trouble. These ultimate mobile location tracker apps are real heroes to anyone who loses the phone and finds no other help.

Mobile Location Tracker Apps For Your Ease

Don’t worry about your phone. You can easily find the location or track the device if you give these mobile location tracker apps a try. These are not only effective but reliable in terms of results.

1.     Geo Tracker

Gone are the days when one has to climb the mountains to track the exact location. Geo Tracker has eliminated all such barriers by providing an ultimate solution to location tracking.

The application is handy and efficient. Many users have reviewed the application and mentioned the prominent pros to help many other users. You can easily download the app on your mobile phone because it is light in size and does not occupy much of your phone’s storage.

Even if your mobile is stolen, the app will help you locate the area easily. It has a real-time global positioning system enabled, which allows you to locate the mobile phone wherever it is taken.

2.     Google Maps

The easiest way to locate the position is only possible with Google Maps. It doesn’t require any investment because the app is free to use. Google Maps is one of the best mobile location tracker apps that gives reliable and efficient tracking results.

It is an ideal application for the users to locate the mobile phone from any place using a live location feature. Moreover, global investigation departments also rely on the app to catch the thieves and solve the cases quickly.

It is used to help the users track mobile phones, but brands also use it to help the buyers. The sellers on the Hong kong B2B Marketplace use the feature to track the orders to reach the destination safely.

3.     Finding my device

Among many mobile location tracker apps, finding my device is one of its kind. Again, the application is free to use so the users can take advantage of it, no matter where they are.

If you want to find a targeted device location, finding my device is definitely a must to use. It also uses a global positioning system to track the location and give you the desired result.

One interesting feature to highlight about the application is that it has a sharing option too. Yes, this is absolutely right. You can share the result or location with anyone on any device.

And one more thing. It allows you to track a range of devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

4.     Where’s my droid

Snatching and stealing android phones have become common these days. The increase in such activities is due to the large number of android users that are increasing day by day.

In this way, if someone loses their android phone, the only thing that should come to your mind is, “where’s my droid.” Although android is the least expensive and has exciting features, this app gives it a real-time service to easily find the thieves.

Many users have claimed that the app gives significant results. And upon using, it definitely helps the individuals in tracking the location conveniently. You not only get to see the exact location but also guides the direction.

The application has advanced GPRS and GPS enabled, which makes it even powerful than any other application.

5.     Sygic

One more mobile location tracker app has won the hearts of its users, and that is Sygic. The name itself is promising, which ensures reliable features to make tracking reasonable and possible.

Sygic is an appreciated app for Android users. More than 50 million android users have developed their trust in the application because it facilitates tracking preferences more than anything.

If you are looking for anything extraordinary and advanced, Sygic is the app to consider. The application supports TomTom maps along with offline usability. Although you can enjoy free services, the paid version unlocks many features for you that are even promising.

6.     Find my kids

In the most disturbing social situation worldwide, children’s safety has become a priority for everyone. No one is ready to take any risk that can turn their hopes and satisfaction into the worst nightmare.

Find my kids is a family mobile location tracker app that is developed to help the parents in such situations. It is a special app that connects with a GPS watch or related program for finding lost children.

You can always trust the app if it is installed in the desired devices to monitor and locate your children. It has dedicated features, which also ensure effectiveness concerning digital tracking and movement of your children.

Smartwatches and smartphones mainly support the find my kids app. So, you should not worry about your kids if they have this application installed on their device.

7.     Waze

Nothing can beat the features of a community-based app that serves its users with some extreme options. It enjoys the title of the best tracking app for Android users in 2020.

Again, the application precisely focuses on the features that effectively track the location and take you to the right place.  It also supports navigation with voice guides so that the user can simply follow the route to reach the destination.

8.     Glympse

Last but not least, this mobile tracker app is spontaneous and provides you with many more features than anything else. It is also recognized as the best application for its promising features that are important for any user.

Interestingly, the application doesn’t compromise your privacy, which again goes in your favour.

Besides, Glympse allows you to find your friends, delivery, and even colleagues so that you can catch up with them without wasting time. Not only this, but it also helps in protecting your device from any theft.

Final Thoughts

Losing a phone is not easy for someone who has invested all of his hard-earn money on it. One cannot easily understand the pain and emotions. The only help others can do for such people is to let them know their device’s exact location.

Whether you report the case in the police station or keep it to yourself, mobile location tracker apps are always the acceptable solution to your problem. Even the investigative teams use the apps to track the device and claim it for you. Besides, you can use the apps yourself to try your luck and get the phone as soon as possible. So, check out these mobile applications and find your device from any part of the world.

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