A Quick Guide To SEO Service In Chandigarh


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization & it is a process through which online standing or visibility of any website or specific webpages get affected in unpaid results of search engines. In simple words, it is a practice through which one can increase the quantity and quality of traffic on one’s website through natural search engine results. Before discussing the benefits of SEO, let’s figure out how SEO works, which will ultimately help understand its benefits. All search engines use crawlers to find out & collect the information about the content they can find on the Internet. There are many SEO service in Chandigarh that can help you with your website. Crawlers return the results in the form of binary data to search engines. And based on those results, search engines build index pages. And after this, all based on an algorithm search engine tries to match all the data with your query.

PPC campaigns and SEO are among the most widespread marketing activities, whether they are smaller or larger companies. Each of these marketing disciplines has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a long-term process that gets your site higher in search results. The work on search engine optimization is longer, but it also has a long-term effect. In contrast, PPC campaigns have an immediate effect, but once you turn them off, site traffic typically drops sharply.


Benefits of SEO service

So, this is how SEO works. Now let’s see the benefits of search engine optimization.

  • High Traffic: Reports suggest that more than 60% of clicks go to search engines’ first result. So here, search engine optimization plays a big role. With the help of SEO, the top spot can be easily gained. Several people will visit on your website or web page, which will ultimately increase your website’s traffic.
  • Permanent top spot: Unlike the paid results, the effects of SEO are permanent. You will need to maintain that top spot by making further improvements in your website or webpage, but if you get that top spot once, it will be difficult for others to gain that spot. In paid results, you will be maintained on the top spot only for that period for which you have paid.
  • Edge over your competitors: SEO is the rising field, and everyone wants to take advantage of it. Still, there are so many websites that offer quality content but lag in SEO. So using SEO can give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Your brand’s credibility: Almost all people believe that the first listing in a google search is a reputed company. And they remember the name of your website for the specific search. So, by doing SEO, your website becomes the brand name. It also results in a better return on investment. More clicks on your website will convert into more sales.
  • More clicks than PPC: Although the PPC (Pay per click) results are shown above the organic search results, but more than 70% of users click on the first organic result displayed by search engines. People generally believe in search engine algorithms more than PPC results. Hence if your website indexed on the top spot, it would get more clicks.


Not only these, but there are also plenty of advantages of SEO. That is why SEO service in Guwahati is investing a lot of bucks to higher an SEO expert. SEO is now an important part of marketing. It improves the online visibility of your website and ultimately helps you in earning more. And if we consider all these clear advantages, then there is no reason not to optimize your website or webpage.



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