Final Fantasy XIV – Resistance Relic Weapon Upgrade Guide and Make it Glow


Final Fantasy XIV’s new big content, Southern Front and Bozja Resistance have already come and it’s good news for Final Fantasy 14 players. Southern Front is the new alternative way to level up your alt class from 71 to 80, and it is also place for player to get and upgrade their relic weapon. And here, I’m gonna show you how to upgrade your resistance relic weapon and make your weapon glow. If you don’t know how to get the base resistance relic weapon please feel free to check SSEGold on how to get your own relic.

Comparing to Eureka Relic grind, the progress for upgrade Resistance weapon is more easy. It might take a bit of grinding, but its nothing against Eureka Relic grind.

Step 1 (Complete the simple short quest)

First, you need to meet Marsak to take the quest. Most people didn’t use teleport option and usually they go to Yanxia and fly to Doman Enclave, while they can simply open teleport option and teleport to Doman Enclave. Once you reach Doman Enclave head to Gangos with airship pilot and get Where Eagles Nest quest, this quest is pretty much simple, just talk to 5 NPC and done.

Now you unlock Southern Front area and can continue to the next quest which is A Sober Proposal from Stressed Soldier, the location of the NPC is not far from Marsak and the only thing that you need to do to complete this quest is talk to Gerolt and done, now you can take For Want of a memory quest from Zlatan.

Step 2 (Getting Augmented Weapon)

It is not clear what type memories of the dying and how much that Zlatan needs, so i will tell you what needed and the fastest way to get it.

To complete this quest, you need to get 20x Tortured Memory of Dying, 20x Harrowing Memory of Dying, and 20x Sorrowful Memory of Dying. To get those memory fast i recommend you earn Gold Medal on FATE at this location:

  1. Coerthas Western Highlands & Sea of Clouds to get Tortured Memory
  2. Dravanian Hinterlands & Azys lla to get Harrowing Memory
  3. Dravanian Forelands & Churning Mists to get Sorrowful Memory

Beside from FATE, you can also get memory of dying from Southern Front which i don’t recommend because it will be random drop and take more time.

After you get all 60 Memory of the Dying you can go meet Zlatan and don’t forget that you also need to move your Resistance Weapon to Inventory in order to complete the quest and upgrade your weapon to Augmented.

Step 3 (Making your Resistance Relic Weapon Glow!)

 After you finish step 2 the next quest will unlocked, talk to Zlatan and take The Will of Resist quest.

This quest will ask you to get 6 Bitter Memory of Dying, The Bitter Memory of Dying can be obtained from Bozjan Southern Front, Duty Roullete : Leveling  and Level : 60 Cap Dungeons. Note that doing dungeon as Unsync will not make you get Bitter Memory of Dying so you need to do Sync Party, here is my tips if you want to get your glowing relic quickly.

 In my opinion Antitower is the fastest way to get Bitter Memory of Dying, I can clear Antitower in 10-15 minute for each run and this dungeon is got short way to get to each bosses and the monsters are weak. To get 6 Bitter Memory of Dying you need to clear this dungeons 6 times in order complete the quest. For alternative way you can also do Duty Roullete : Leveling and level up your alt class, you will still get the Bitter Memory of Dying if you using other class.

After you finish getting 6 Bitter Memory of Dying just head back to Zlatan, put your Relic Weapon and inventory and done you Complete the quest and get your new Glowing Recollection Weapon.

That’s everything you need to know to Upgrade your Resistance Relic Weapon,

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