Living Healthy with Diabetes


Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Are you worried that your life won’t be the same after your diagnosis? Well, diabetes definitely impacts the lifestyle of a person but if managed well, you can live a normal healthy life like any other individual. It’s all about keeping your blood sugar levels within the recommended range.

Following are some factors that may affect your body when diagnosed with diabetes.


Diet has a great effect on your body in case of diabetes. You need to know how which foods harm your body. It’s not about the type of food you eat but also the amount of food you put in your body that impacts the blood sugar levels.

A good mix of starchy foods, fruits and vegetables, protein and Fats will help a lot in keeping you healthy and fresh. Keep in mind some types of carbohydrates are good for you but not all. Consult your dietician and discuss the best food plan for your dietary needs and stick to it.


If you have not been physically active, it’s high time you start now.  Start with having a 30 minutes walk around the block or ride a bike.  Engage in outdoor games that require more physical activity.  Even if you can’t go out, there are many ways to stay fit while staying indoors. Regular exercise will lower your chances of getting heart disease. On the bright side, you will be able to lose extra pounds on your body.

Quit smoking

Smoking is the leading cause of death around the world. Most people don’t realize its harmful effects when diagnosed with diabetes. A person with diabetes who smokes, has a double chance of getting heart failure or stroke

If you have diabetes, smoking is so much worse because:

  • More likely to get nerve damage
  • More likely to die of cardiovascular disease
  • More likely to raise your blood sugar level


There are many diabetes medicines that help in regulating the blood sugar levels in your system. There are insulin and Invokana, that help a lot in managing diabetes. Here you can learn more about diabetes medicine

Consult your doctor and discuss the treatment plan that suits you best. You need to follow the treatment plan religiously only then will you be able to manage diabetes.

Give up Alcohol

The liver functions to release stored sugar to regulate blood sugar. But if you give alcohol to the liver it will be busy metabolizing it and your body will not get the desired boost of blood sugar for your body. Alcohol completely disturbs the blood sugar levels and can be avoided at will. Try to stay hydrated with normal alkaline water. If you get the urge to have alcohol, divert your mind to other sugar-free beverages.

Many things impact the blood sugar levels and it’s important to note what triggers the spike in blood sugar and what lowers it. Simple changes to these factors will help a lot in managing diabetes.

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