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Writing essays is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are just so many things that go into doing it. From brainstorming to editing, you will spend a lot of time and effort before finishing an output. But, you might not even have a long time. Before you know it, your deadline is fast approaching. If you can only ask someone to write an essay for cheap price, you would not even write one yourself. In case you want to make your own in a short time, here are steps on how to write an essay fast.

Plan Your Time

As a student, you have a lot on your plate. Several requirements on the same deadlines are inevitable. Hence, you have to plan how you will spend your time doing all your tasks. Create a schedule for all your projects. How much time you have allotted for a quick essay determines how long you can work on outlining, drafting, and editing. If you have an hour, make sure to make the most out of it. Spend at least 10 minutes for outlining, 35 minutes for drafting, and 15 minutes for editing. Setting a goal will help you concentrate on the task and avoid procrastination.

Study the Essay Question

Some students tend to write papers that do not answer the given question. The main reason for this is their lack of understanding of the topic. You can avoid this from happening by asking your teacher for precise instructions. Do not be afraid to ask your teacher. If you don’t know what to do or how to approach the topic, spare some time to ask for help. It won’t hurt to admit that you need help. What’s worse is spending a lot of time yet still submitting an incorrect output.

After having a much clearer understanding of the question, you can now look for multiple sources to help you. They can also give more profound ideas on how to explore the given topic. Just make sure that you get from credible sources.

Brainstorm Your Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the critical element in any essay. It shows the writer’s claim and tells the readers what to expect from the paper. Without it, your work will have no clear direction. So, it is critical to have a clear thesis statement before drafting. You have to make sure that it answers the question given to you.

Moreover, you also need to provide at least three points or ideas to support your claim. These points will give you a direction as you write the body paragraph. Depending on the kind of essay that you need to construct, these three points may vary.

Minimum Your Time On Outlining

Outlines are used to organize the writer’s thoughts into different subtopics with their respective supporting details. By making it, you can write your arguments and sources logically to prove your claim. The thesis statement that you made will be your guide in outlining. So once you have it, outlining should not be time-consuming anymore.

There are several kinds of outlines that you can use, but the standard outline is enough. In the first paragraph, you start with a hook or attention-getter to be followed by your thesis statement. The body paragraphs should elaborate on your points. You can do this by starting with a key sentence, then followed by analysis and examples. You should also cite credible sources here. Finally, your conclusion should have a restatement of your argument and key points.

Outlines should serve as a guide, not an additional burden. Therefore, it would be best if you don’t spend a lot of time perfecting the outline. As a result, you can quickly write an essay before the deadline.

Key Sentences for Each Paragraph

As mentioned before, you should start each body paragraph with a key or topic sentence. It is supposed to reflect each point that you have given in your thesis statement. You had already started on this when you did your outline. Having key sentences will help you have one focus in your discussion and analysis. Furthermore, the readers will have an idea of what will be discussed by reading them right away.

Make the Introduction and Conclusion Solid

Even if you need a good essay fast, you should not make compromises on its quality. It means that you should make a compelling introduction and conclusion after writing the body.

The introduction is the first thing that readers will see. So, start with a hook that will reel them into reading your entire paper. It would be best for you to use this time to make a substantial impact. Remember that first impression last. They don’t probably last forever, but good introductions are difficult to forget. You can start your output with a relevant question, interesting fact, personal anecdote, or recent study. Whatever you choose, it should be connected to your topic.

Even if you feel tired now, you should still end with a bang. Thus, your conclusion should summarize the content of the paper concisely. You can do this by reiterating the thesis statement and supporting ideas. You can also leave the readers with a suggestion or thought-provoking idea to get them thinking.

Don’t Forget about Revision

Just because you have finished writing doesn’t mean you won’t have to go over it again. Making revisions is also an essential step that you should not skip. Do not submit your paper without revising your draft. It’s called a draft for a reason. Some students tend to neglect proofreading and editing. Because of this, they did not see the simple or significant errors they have committed. An essay with so many mistakes can be off-putting for the teacher to check.

To ensure this does not happen, make sure that you leave ample time to revise your work. Check if you have all the parts and ideas that you have placed in your outline. Pay attention if your thesis statement has answered the essay question. Read once again if all the key sentences and supporting details connect well with your claim. Afterward, run your paper through a spelling and grammar checker for possible typos or errors.

Learning how to write an essay fast is not an easy feat. There are so many things that you have to do to accomplish a paper in a short time. It takes time to get the hang of it. But, it is possible! Make sure that you schedule, study the question, make a thesis statement, outline, write the body paragraphs, and revise. By doing these before submitting your paper, you will save time and energy for other essential tasks.

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