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Writing an essay can sometimes be a struggle. That is why sometimes students opt to buy pre written essays from academic writing services online. But from time-to-time students want to be a part of the writing experience. The satisfaction of getting an A+ grade on a paper that is yours and handcrafted by you is a different kind of feeling, a different kind of achievement. Students have many ideas and have many things they want to discuss and share in an essay. The problem lies in choosing the appropriate topic. You can uncover several exciting topics, and it is hard to choose which you want to use for your essay. Selecting a topic is an important task when writing an essay. A dull topic will not entice the readers. Go for an interesting one, where your audience can learn something new and a case that impacts its readers. Here, we will show you some essay topic ideas that will help you jumpstart your college essay writing.




            One thing is for sure the rise of technology will continue for years. We think that we have seen it all, but it seems like new inventions keep coming now and then, from having big chunky cellphones to having the slimmest one, which includes the camera, video, and music streaming, and more features all in a tiny device. As the days go by, more and more modern technology inventions make our lives easier. Along with the good ones, some innovations harm. There are so many ways to view this technological advance and how it affects people and its surroundings. Indeed, there will be tons of opinions and debates when you write a paper about this particular topic. So, here are some great ideas to start a technology essay:

  • Technology and how it influences the daily lives of people
  • Technology: A cure or an addiction?
  • Online Learning: Is this the future of our education?
  • Human vs. Technology
  • Technology and its negative effect on today’s youth


            Another interesting topic to dig deeper into is the issues on health. With the present situation the world is in, and health is the primary concern of everyone. Since the coronavirus outbreak that has now turned into a global pandemic, scientists and doctors alike are working around the clock to eradicate the virus and come up with new ways to maintain the health of the public. Aside from diseases, this topic also opens you to discuss health problems involving a person’s emotional state. It is also essential to take care of your mind and keep in touch with your emotions and physical condition. There is a wide range of good essay topics regarding health you can use for your college essay. Here are some:

  • Eating Disorders and How to Control It
  • The Importance of Having a Health Insurance
  • Meat-free Diet and Its Effect on Health
  • How to Eat Healthily
  • Mental Health Awareness: Warning Signs You Should Look Out For


            Marketing is all about advertising and selling a product or service to consumers or potential buyers in simple terms. But this topic offers more than just selling things. You talk about the marketing strategy employed by these businessmen and how effective it is. Marketing can also teach you the dos and don’ts when selling products. You can also talk about the importance of doing market research and why you need to do it. There are a variety of branches you can talk about regarding Marketing aside from selling things. You can talk about strategies for selling, advertising, or even the design and logo of the product. These ideas will surely help your readers learn something new that they can apply to consider marketing as their field. Here are some essay topic ideas of marketing:

  • Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
  • Is Television Advertisement Still the Most Effective Way to Promote a Product?
  • The Role of Marketing and Its Effects on Economics’
  • Hot Trends on the International Market
  • How Marketing Dictates the Needs and Wants of Consumers


Writing a science essay will always be relevant. Everyday scientific communities post their findings on the advancement of the field. There is also a wide range of essay topics in this subject matter. There are several science branches like Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Geology, and many more to mention. Some of them you may find complicated but still enjoyable to write about. When choosing a topic involving science remember to select the field closest to your specialization. For example, if you are a nursing student, it is best to choose a biology topic. Not only is it in line with your field of study it is also in your best interest. If you are a student of engineering, you may want to choose a topic in relevance to Physics or Physical science. There are many options for you in the field of sciences. Remember to choose wisely. It doesn’t need to be complicated to write a good essay. What’s important is it reflects why you do things you do and who you are. If you still have a hard time selecting an idea for your college essay, here are some topics that might help you start your work:

  • Mathematics: Is it Invented or Discovered?
  • Hard Sciences: Why Pursuing a Career in Science is Important
  • Life Through the Looking Glass of Science
  • The Greatest Scientific Discoveries of the Millenia
  • The Battle Between Science and Religion

The topics in these subject areas are limitless. If you still cannot find from the list that sparks an interest in you, you can search and explore other branches of the field. There will always be a topic suitable for education needs to meet your professors’ standards and yours. A good essay is not the most complicated one. It is the one that is carefully elaborated by parts and arranged logically with arguments and claims backed up with credible sources. It is okay to spend some time finding a topic that gets you going, and when you do, pour your heart and soul into the writing process.

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