What to Expect in the OSRS’ 8th Birthday Event

Here’s a rundown of the birthday event for Old School RuneScape’s 8th birthday

Old School RuneScape is officially turning 8 on February 2021 and what a ride it has been for the game that many thought would eventually die out after a few months since its initial release. What’s originally intended to become an MMORPG meant for players who are nostalgic for the game has turned into a classic that’s still getting more content. Thanks to the community, Old School RuneScape is very much alive and kicking. The decision to release the old version of RuneScape back then was unheard of. During that time, the modern RuneScape was what everyone knew. However, not everyone liked what they saw. The many changes and alterations that were made in the current RuneScape to improve certain visual aspects of the game as well as content-wise led to players sometimes leaving. But with OSRS, players now have the option to play both versions. To celebrate OSRS’ 8th birthday, Jagex has come up with an event that we’ll be talking more about in detail today. Sure, you won’t be getting any OSRS gold as a reward, but they’ve got some nifty surprises just for you players out there.

Starting Out

To commemorate the 8 years it has been since the relaunch of Old School RuneScape, Jagex has come up with a quest that also pertains to having a birthday bash of sorts. And no, players won’t be able to get OSRS gold for doing this quest. To start the OSRS quest, players must go to the second floor of Lumbridge Castle and have a chat with the Duke of Lumbridge, Duke Horacio. According to him, he has invited the King of Ape Atoll, Awowogei; unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time to attend the party (probably because he has other much more important matters to address instead of partying and chugging wine), so a bunch of monkeys were Awowogei’s proxies instead. These monkeys weren’t exactly well-behaved and resulted in a bunch of harassment cases from the citizens of Lumbridge. While Duke Horacio wanted to kill these monkeys that were wreaking havoc in his city, it would ultimately lead to the cult, Humans Against Monsters, inciting charges against them. So in order to avoid that, the Duke of Lumbridge will ask you to have a chat with Zeke and request a few traps that can contain the monkeys but not kill them. This is the beginning sequence of the event, with more monkey business later on.

Getting to Know the Monkeys

After traveling to Al-Kharid which is a city in the Kharidian Desert and convincing Zeke to make some traps, you’ll need to help him craft it by delivering some items. Namely, the items needed to make the traps are: a premium banana (obviously better and more enticing for the monkeys), a knife, and three pieces of bamboo for the cage itself. From there, you’ll have to track down each of the monkeys that are scattered around Lumbridge to know where their locations are and where to lay out the traps. There are six monkeys that you need to find, here are their names and locations:

  • The Math Monkey – Located in the sheep pen of Fred the Farmer. You can see him focused on calculating the number of sheep that Fred has. The sheep pen is located on the northeast corner of Lumbridge.
  • The Religious Monkey – The religious monkey is located in the Lumbridge Church where Father Aereck is. Sending his prayers and thoughts to the goddess of all monkeys and apes, Marimbo, you’ll be able to see the monkey almost in a state of meditation because of it.
  • The Rampaging Monkey – The rampaging monkey is the hardest to get a hold of because well… he’s on a rampage! With the monkey riding his stallion on the west of Lumbridge Swamp, you’ll have to try and get him down first before trapping him in the cage.
  • The Brave Monkey – You’ll be able to find the brave monkey fighting off the goblins from Lumbridge outside the Lumbridge General Store where Donie is.
  • The Outraged Monkey – The outraged monkey, quite funnily, is somewhat of a “Karen”. This monkey is located in Bob’s Axes and demands to speak to Bob’s manager as she is a paying customer.
  • The Frustrated Monkey – The frustrating monkey is located in the Mill Lane Mill, specifically inside the cow field up north. With not being able to walk probably because of his inverted controls, it’s understandable why he’s so frustrated.

Reap the Rewards

After finally capturing all of the monkeys, you can finally go back to Duke Horacio and hand all of the mammals to him. To thank you, he decided to invite you to the dining room in Lumbridge Castle for a feast and festivities. Together with the Duke, Zeke, and many others, you’ll be able to enjoy the birthday bash with the NPCs and receive your reward. While the reward isn’t exactly OSRS gold, you’ll receive a Cursed Banana, 2 Half full wine jugs, all of the past birthday/anniversary event rewards, and a Banana cape (exclusively for members only).

What do you think of the 8th birthday event commemorating how far Old School RuneScape has come? Let us know down below about your thoughts of OSRS and how it has shaped your love for the MMORPG genre!

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