Why should you choose a business degree in 2021?


Business degrees are regarded as a stepping-stone to a promising career in this dynamic business environment. A business degree can amplify your current skillset, make you an attractive choice for potential employers and provide opportunities to climb the ladder of success. With in-depth business acumen, you can work in a variety of fields, such as marketing, human resources, operations, finance, accounting, hospitality and tourism, and event planning. Taking up a business degree from Singapore business school in 2021 is a total return on investment. Read this blog to learn more about choosing a business degree in Singapore and the program’s benefits.

Why in Singapore?

Popularly known as a business and education hub, Singapore is consistently attracting students from worldwide. Colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions in Singapore have high academic standards and award-winning business courses, ranking among the world’s best business and management schools. In addition, universities in Singapore have also topped the QS World University Rankings 2021. Business programs offered at top-ranked Singapore universities provide a global perspective besides an Asian focus.

That’s not all. Low-cost education, multi-racial nature, thriving economy, safety and security, medium of instruction, and high living standards attract many prospective business leaders every year. Some of the reputed business schools in Singapore have a team of very experienced tutors with excellent teaching skills to help students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in business management, marketing, and human resources.

Furthermore, domestic and international students can apply for government subsidies and scholarship programmmes to reduce education costs in Singapore. Upon acquiring a business degree, students can land a well-paying job in Singapore, home to several prominent national and multinational companies.

Benefits of choosing a business degree in 2021

  1. Professionals with a business degree are in high demand

Business degrees are sought after by many potential employers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the average job growth rate for business professionals is expected to increase by 5 percent between 2019 and 2029.

  1. Enjoy higher than regular average salaries

Interestingly, business graduates enjoy competitive salary packages over other professionals with the same years of experience. Notably, there are some of the high-end salary package jobs you can have only with a business degree, such as Accountant, Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, and Compensation Specialist.

  1. Gain access to a wide range of career opportunities

Business degrees help professionals start or grow their own business or work as senior managers in top companies. With creativity, business acumen, and transferrable skills, an individual can work in various fields, including public relations and marketing.

  1. Opportunity to build a network

With a vital network skill, individuals can seek their first job through their network of people. Top-notch business schools are a hub of tutors, students, recruiters who share the same interests as you. So, you can take advantage of attending a business school for building networks with people.

Now that you have learned the benefits of acquiring a business education in 2021 consider top-notch Singapore business schools to earn a degree. Apply now!

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